7 Life Changing Dating Tips Every College Student Needs To Know

Mon, Aug 22, 2016


Strutting down the corridors of the college campus and walking amongst the lush green, well maintained grounds excites a rejuvenating bliss into the young tender heart of a college freshman. It’s said to be the time when academic genius and social skills are put to the ultimate test. Every step taking during this period paves a path for future prospects.

Where it seems to be a blissful phase college students are faced with many challenges and amongst these the most notorious struggle lies between sense and their raging hormones.

Some argue that having a significant other can help endure this time away from family… while others come to think of relationships as distractions.  Nonetheless this is the time when the heart is thirsting for sensual love and as the saying goes, “ the heart gets what the heart wants”.

As a love guru is seldom found on campus grounds so let’s take up this task and sum up some tips for these young lovers ready to enter the world of love, lust and biting vengeance.



One of the biggest mistakes freshman’s make in college life is the immediate need to have a certain somebody around them. Well it isn’t entirely their fault that the campus seems flooded with couples drooling over each other in public, However it is important that they stay in control and give themselves time to sink in with their daily schedule before embarking on a roller coaster love ride.



Never ever … never use the C word while fooling around in college, even if you feel that this is the ‘one’, never commit to a relationship. Because not only is there a big chance that things could get ugly once you let your guard down but you might also be shutting the door to a future life changing opportunity that might require you to move elsewhere.



No matter what those over-rated teen movies made you think, college is not all chicks in lacy bikinis or hot shirtless hunks waiting to swoop you into their arms. It is not about being hip enough to follow the latest fashion and hair trends. Get a reality check before you begin your year and keep reminding yourself that college is a miniature world. It gives you a taste of what’s to come ahead when you step out into the open.



If you’re constantly been nagged by your partner and its causing distress along with dark eye patches it’s time to pack your pride and move out. No one has the right to torture you out of your mind especially when your future lies on it the most. Move on, hoping that all good things will come in due time and you don’t need to stick up with someone you can’t stand.

The second a relationship is formed a sense of ownership consumes one or the other member. In the beginning it looks cute enough to endure but slowly it turns into a maddening frenzy where your partner may feel suffocated with the excess of attention. Give space so that your partner can breath in the fresh air and build their personality devoid of any pressure from your end. Expect the same for yourself.



If a pretty face or a square jawed perfect smile tends to stir your thoughts around… keep away. Remember what you came for and the efforts that brought you this far. People are naturally attracted to strong willed beings. Stay focused.



The worst damage you can cause yourself is changing who you are to satisfy someone. Every individual is born different. We all have our own interests, likes and dislikes. If someone genuinely loves you they won’t ask you to change, nor yourself nor the people you hang out with. So take pride in your individuality.  Be honest to your own self and focus on what counts best for you . If you feel that your significant other is overstepping their turf and creating chaos in your life , resort to honesty and come out in the open with your doubts instead of shrinking away.

Dating in college seems a pretty challenging exercise as there are multiple things to consider in order to cherish a joyful and warm bond with a significant other. It is the chance to practice social do’s and don’ts , a chance to grow as an individual and as part of a social community. The bonds we develop in these times tend to grow stronger as life progresses so it is essential that we make certain that our actions are well planned and well executed.

Conclusively, college is the time to rejoice in the freedom to explore yourself and experience all that it offers. Socializing is imminent and you cannot shy away from feeling human. A healthy relationship can help you focus on your set goals whereas the other ones will only last long enough to leave you in a chaotic mess.


So, in your view is college the place to engage in a serious relationship while trying to juggle between classes, assignments and doing part time jobs to pay your dues? Let us know all about your experiences and suggestions in the comments below!


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The Social Life of a Digital Diva

Tue, Aug 16, 2016



Besides the obvious benefits given to us by the World Wide Web (where would we be without online dating?), there are perhaps some digital avenues that even the most savvy virtual surfer hasn’t yet travelled. Take for instance online gaming sites such as Red Flush Casino, which provide entertainment for the individual online gamer as well as a superb way to entertain friends during a night in around your place. You’ve also got the online to offline opportunities of social meetup sites which cater for all manner of interests, including debating groups, hiking and rock climbing social events, vegan socials and just plain old “I want to make more friends” kind of sites. Always looking to expand my social circle, I decided to explore the benefits of networking and gaming on the worldwide web and all this delving certainly brought up some interesting results.

Games Night

Whether you enjoy individual online gaming or are searching for a way to make a mates’ night in more interesting, Red Flush Casino is the answer you are looking for. This fun site provides access to traditional casino games such as Poker and Roulette, and other types of exciting games including Electric Diva (it’s like they know me!), Karaoke Party and Jurassic World online slot. New members of the site benefit from welcome bonuses with certain amounts being matched, giving you more to play with. While Red Flush Casino provides the entertainment for you and your friends, al you have to do is stock up on the nibbles and drinks for a great way to catch up with friends without breaking the bank. You could even win enough to fund your next night in, or indeed your next big night out, but whatever happens, you will certainly have a lot of fun!


Social Networking Sites

We all know Facebook is the perfect platform on which we can unleash a whole load of nosey, with many an afternoon wasted trawling through the photos of an ex and their new beau (why do we do this to ourselves?), but Facebook and other social networking sites can actually offer a whole lot more than the opportunity to virtual stalk old flames. If you are looking to change careers, you may be able to network on a professional level by joining particular career groups. Entertainers and singers will find plenty of local sites and agency pages where you can advertise your particular act and your online presence. Writers will find plenty of resources for job leads and local tradespeople can also advertise themselves via the social networking site. Of course, you can also just look through your friends’ friends for your next potential date, but you may want to ask your friend what your crush is really like before you message them.

Online socialising is definitely one of the easiest ways to find more friends, develop interests and to entertain your current circle of friends, so why not dive right in and discover just how beneficial it can be?

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Gay marriage deemed legal across the United States

Sun, Jul 5, 2015


So, now that Gay Marriage has been deemed legal across the entire United States by a recent Supreme Court decision, many men are wondering where to find the best dating community online to find a terrific match. In many cases our readers are trying to find “Mr. Right” but in other instances all men really want is a chance to meet “Mr. Right Now!” That’s where AllMale.com comes in very handy.

“It’s becoming much easier for Gay men to get into relationships now that society at large is becoming more accepting, but it’s still a little less obvious in the gay community where men can find other gay men online than it is for heterosexual couples to get in contact with each other” said Rod Davis of AllMale.com “That’s why we have made it our mission to simplify the dating process, and to provide the kinds of tools that shorten the gap from one date to the next by getting each of our members into the mix quickly and supporting their romantic efforts at every step along the way.”

What we really like about All Male is that they aren’t trying to dictate what a relationship should be like or asking people to label themselves inaccurately. Whether you are trying to find a soul mate, or just want to get your hands on your next hot date may change from day to day or week to week – and All Male makes it easier than anywhere else to exploring the full spectrum if your own gay dating desires in a completely organic, nonjudgmental and surprisingly effective ways!

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