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27. August 2009


Quick Summary: Value for money: 5/5    Features: 3/5    Design: 3/5    Member quality: 4/5 The website is simple and easy to use. Offers a solid array of useful and interesting features, including a great blog. An easy, effective tool for finding casual dating partners. The Full Story: This website looks very clean… almost to the point of emptiness. I’ve […]

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Is It Old-fashioned to Believe in Marriage?

26. August 2009


Ostensibly, marriage is a sacrament wherein two people vow to love each other until they death do them part. Across the world, every culture has a different way of celebrating a marriage, but what remains the same is the sanctity of the institution. Marriage is designed to be a lifetime commitment. Unfortunately, this promise of […]

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Welcome to The Dating Dope!

25. August 2009


Hi there, and welcome to this, the inaugural post on, a site we’re hoping to make your destination for dating humor, online dating site reviews, dating articles, and interviews with leading players in the online dating world. Stay tuned over the coming weeks and months as we roll out the awesome! Excelsior! -Dope

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