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Is Flirting Really “Innocent?”

28. October 2009


I see a cute guy and our eyes meet. I brush my hair from my face and smile at him. He approaches, and we have a cup of coffee together. We both decide whether or not we will take our relationship to the next level. Flirting is usually the act of getting another person’s attention […]

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26. October 2009


Quick Summary: Value for money: 5/5 Features: 4/5 Design: 5/5 Member quality: 4/5 Clean and elegant design. Well-organized layout for quick site navigation . Adequate features and includes dating advice articles. The Full Story They say that the Internet is the new singles’ bar. If this is true, then I’ll say that has the […]

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Long Distance Relationships

21. October 2009


Parents, especially mothers, find it very hard to be away from their young children for long periods of time. In the same way, kids will often scream their head off when their parents leave them. What’s the cause of this kind of separation anxiety? I think it’s basically the bond formed between two people who […]

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