3 Tips to Successful Dating After Divorce

Sun, Jan 29, 2012


Being married and committing to spend your life with someone doesn’t always work out. But just because you got it wrong the first time (or maybe second!) it doesn’t mean you have to give up on finding love. A divorce is a traumatic and not to mention expensive time so don’t push yourself into dating before you’re ready. Being single can be exciting and therapeutic. But when you’re ready to move on there are three things you should do to help you get back into dating again:

Find time for yourself.
In any long term relationship it can be difficult to spend time alone. You spend all of your time together and all the gym classes and nights out get forgotten. It’s tempting to let things slide when you’re in a comfortable relationship. But now you’re single take a positive from this and join a gym, go out with friends and be a bit selfish for once. It’ll make you feel healthier, happier and more confident – ready to start dating again!

Discover a new interest.

The best way to get through a tough time is to keep busy, and a divorce is no different. Take your mind off things and keep focused on the positive by finding a new hobby or interest. Getting out there and making new friends as an adult can be daunting, but discovering a new hobby will give you the opportunity to meet new people and to learn new skills. Relationships are often centred on work and family life so it’s good to be thrown out of your comfort zone and into an environment with similar people. You never know who you might meet!

Spend quality time with friends and family.
When you get a divorce it can feel like you’re starting a whole new life and it’s great to get out there and meet new people. But it’s equally important to maintain the special relationships you already have. If you share friends with your ex it can be complicated, but who’s to say that only one of you gets to keep them. It’s important when you’re starting a new life not to leave the people you care about behind. Spend time doing the things you enjoy with the people you love and even join reunion sites to reconnect with people you’ve lost along the way.

Whatever you do, the important thing to remember is not to put pressure on yourself to meet a new partner. Think about what you love doing, as you are more likely to find your ideal partner in the places you enjoy. But no matter what, have a good time and enjoy yourself!

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3 Responses to “3 Tips to Successful Dating After Divorce”

  1. postdivorce Says:

    I completely agree that one should focus in personal things and be selfish in good meaning of this word. You need to build up again and to recover after past experience which is an unpleasant one under any circumstances. Dating will come as a natural thing later. Just do not chase it.
    postdivorce´s last blog post ..Finding Love Again: Advice for the Divorced Woman


  2. Brett Says:

    Yeah, find time for yourself after a relationship. Sometimes you’ll think it’s better not to be in a relationship at all.
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  3. Counseling on Divorce Says:

    The person who get divorce, after divorce they feel lonely. But i think divorce means not ending of life. You should think about new life and start new life. Join divorce support group make new friends, spend time with your friend share your feeling with them. Here you are giving very important point about how to come back after divorce. This information is very helpful to me because i am divorce counselor.
    Counseling on Divorce´s last blog post ..Some Steps about Divorce Process


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