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  • Clean and elegant design.
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  • Adequate features and includes dating advice articles.

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They say that the Internet is the new singles’ bar. If this is true, then I’ll say that has the right mix in its mojitos. I must admit that I was a little reluctant about signing up at first. I was thinking that there’s nothing more impersonal-sounding than online dating–where is the passion and pleasure? It took some getting used to, but after going through the searches and “showing interest” a couple of times, I realized that anonymity itself has a mysterious charm, and where there is mystery, passion is just around the corner.

Many people think that “Hispanic” men and women do not need help in the love department, what with their “romantic” culture. Unfortunately, this is just another misconception. In real life, even when I move to another city or country, there is a pretty good chance that the next girl I end up bumping into is a cousin or a distant relative. When I logged into Amor, the first thought that entered my mind was, “Wow. These girls sure aren’t my cousins.”


I think that the appearance of the site itself helped put me at ease with online dating in general. The layout and design looks simple yet classy, elegant without being intimidating. To be honest, I guess that the clean look also gave me some reassurance that I’m not being a weirdo pervert or anything like that. There are no brassy photos at all, and I have come across some very nice women. After having spent some time on the site, I found out that Amor keeps a sort of conduct code–anyone who is reported to have broken that code can get kicked out of the system. I came across these terms and conditions in the Support link, and instead of just having a rundown of do’s and don’ts, there are actually tips on how I can make my online dating experience both fun and fulfilling. has just the right applications which, in my opinion, are necessary for a dating site. I particularly like its chat feature, because there is no need to download any software. Literally, in just the click of a button, I am able to get into chat rooms and see which members are online. This works great for me, since I usually bookmark profiles of members I find interesting. If anyone on my hot list shows up in the instant messenger, I know that I’ll be glued to my seat for the evening. also gives equal opportunity to the shy types. When I was just starting out and feeling a little awkward about real-time chats, I would literally show my interest by clicking on the “show interest” button on a lady’s profile page. When she goes online, she’d be notified of a new interest, and she’d be directed to my profile if she clicks on the link. If she finds me interesting, we’ll take it from there. The best thing about this feature is that it doesn’t make users feel rejected if the other party doesn’t return the interest. I just keep thinking that she didn’t have the time to view my profile and see what she may be missing.

Just recently, added the gifts feature, where users can send each other “gifts,” or icons of stuff to start a conversation or keep the online exchange warm before moving on to the next level. Speaking of the next level, I have found some very helpful dating tips and relationship advice from articles. They are right on the main page, and it gets updated on a weekly basis. Aside from these tips, the weekly articles also feature success stories of couples who met through the the website and have been exclusively dating for real or have gotten engaged or married. It sure keeps me optimistic when my activity gets a little slow.

I would suggest that you try it out for yourself. After all, it wouldn’t cost you anything to sign up for membership. All that you would need is a good profile photo, an honest-to-goodness profile along with some guts, wit, and of course, a little time. One last thing: don’t forget to thank me when, one of these days, you find yourself downing glass after glass of mojitos or margaritas with the chica of your dreams.

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