Are Your Operating Systems Compatible?

Sun, May 9, 2010


Apple fanbois and fangirls now have a forum to help prevent dating across platforms. has launched, and it derived its name by combining Cupid with Apple’s home town, Cupertino.  You can find your future iGirlfiend or iBoyfriend at Cupidtino where you can be sure to avoid unaesthetic pc-using hoi polloi.  The site is currently in beta, and aspiring members must pass a stringent initial background screening which includes your solemn pledge that you swoon over anything and everything Apple.  This is ensured by denying registration to anyone with the audacity to visit the site with anything but Safari on an iPhone or Mac.

Once the site deems you worthy, the compatibility questions follow.  Unlike other dating sites, Cupidtino doesn’t care what your religion is or how many kids you desire to have.  Cupidtino gets right to the most important and intimate details like the size of your iTunes playlist and the composition of your Netflix queue.  The site’s founder, Mel Sampat, has no illusions of competing with the likes of eHarmony or  Membership numbers as large as those sites would make Cupidtino so — um — unexclusive.  Nonetheless, the site has generated 12,000 sign-ups after only two days of being live.  Not surprisingly, 50% of this initial membership base lives in the Bay Area.  The Wall Street Journal reports that Mr. Sampat and his fellow co-founders have yet to determine how they’ll make money from this site.  One would imagine it won’t be from Android banner ads.

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  1. Nina Says:

    Cupidtino doesn’t care what your religion is or how many kids you desire to have. Good to hear. These questions should be ditched by more social netorking sites in future!


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