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Wed, Sep 16, 2009


Quick Summary:

Value for money: 5/5 Features: 5/5 Design: 5/5 Member quality: 5/5

  • Asia FriendFinder is an excellent dating site for Asian singles.
  • Offers a great range of membership options.
  • Asia has a simple, well-organized layout that doesn’t sacrifice features.

The Full Story:

If you’re asian and are interested in an online dating service which allows you to meet people for friendship and/or potential romantic relationships, Asia FriendFinder is a good bet. I joined this site because I’d heard that it offered a lot more than standard dating sites, and I was not misinformed. Not only is it an excellent place on the web to meet Asian singles, but it caters to an audience even beyond that demographic. There are listings for singles located in the U.S, in Europe, Australia, Africa, and even in South America. Although the site may seem like an exclusive place for Asians, it is actually a thriving online community, open to everyone. I enjoy myself each time I visit the site, and I find myself looking forward to the next time that I visit.

Website features and services of Asia FriendFinder

One of the best features of Asia FriendFinder is its “Get Local” and “Search” services. The Get Local option allows me to view groups located near my location, as well as blogs and articles written by people within my immediate community or city. This way, I can connect with people within my city, attend local events, and meet up with those who are willing to set up a date or meeting with me. The Search option allows me to view members who are currently online, as well as those who are near my location. This option will also let me see if there are any new “matches” for me.

More than just a simple dating site, Asia FriendFinder also allows its members to view videos, check mail, read blogs, and form online groups within the site. Since it is also a social networking site, I can build my friend list by inviting other members to be my friend and by accepting friend invites from other members. I can also see which website members are the most popular, as well as which photos are rated the highest.

Does it offer the best value for your money?

Yes. Asia FriendFinder offers a range of membership options, from free memberships to premium/paid memberships. If you want a dating site that does not require you to spend anything, you can choose the standard membership offered at Asia FriendFinder. You can chat and send instant messages to your friends through the free membership, and you can browse profiles and add content to the Interactive Magazine found on the site as well.

However, I appreciate the fact that as a premium member, you can do all these things and receive a few excellent bonuses as well. If I want a faster and more refined search as a Gold member I have that available. The best thing is that I don’t have to spend much just to become a Gold member. For just a few cents per day, I am able to take advantage of some outstanding features, such as instant access to super-sized photos, the viewing of videos which have been uploaded by other members, and access to telephone customer support and technical support within 12 hours.

Website design

The layout and website design at Asia FriendFinder is clean, logical, and feature-rich. Upon logging in I can immediately see if I have any new messages or if I have earned new points by using the site. I can also immediately see if I have any new matches or if any new people have viewed my profile. I can see right on the homepage which members are online at the moment. I’ll know instantly is any chat mates or friends are online, and perhaps send them an instant message to let them know that I’m on.

I always have a fun time on this site, and I know that I get value for money. From other Asian singles to international friends of every stripe, this is one site to which I’ll always want to stay connected.

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9 Responses to “Asia Friend Finder review”

  1. Arlan Says:

    I’m impressed with the site’s layout. Basically simple, user friendly athe same time feature-rich. Kudos to the site developer.


  2. Danilo Says:

    Perfect site. No words to describe. I’m hooked,


  3. Jona Says:

    I’m a gold member of the site and I enjoy seeing pics in hi-res.


  4. David Huter Says:

    Even though you make a valid point I am afraid that I must disagree.Girlfriend Dating



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