At What Point Do You Take Down Your Online Dating Profile?

Tue, Aug 3, 2010


These days, it is quite commonplace for dates to originate online, and in that scenario both parties obviously have an online dating profile. So, at what point in the relationship does it become uncouth to keep that profile active? Will he or she be looking to see if your profile is still online viewing that as a signal as to whether you are really interested in them? Does taking your profile down too quickly indicate a sense of desperation or clinginess thus potentially scaring your potential mate away? Such are the quandaries which face daters in the current Internet era — the added convenience of online dating comes with these previously unheard-of dilemmas.

The conclusion drawn by this video is that taking down your online dating profile is most appropriate when you decide to make the relationship exclusive. This makes sense — an online dating profile is not appropriate within the context of any monogamous relationship independent of how it originated. Maybe dating sites will install a “pause” button for the time when your very interested in a new relationship but not quite yet ready to fully commit. Until then, online daters will have to discern for themselves when the time has come to take yourself off the Internet dating market.

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