Car Manners on a First Date

Wed, Sep 22, 2010


For most first dates, cars play a central role as the backdrop for the first few minutes of meeting. If one person is picking up the other, and the two of you head off to the date spot from there, much of the first impression is made in the car. This is important because having bad car habits can turn off your date and establish the wrong vibe.

A recent poll from an auto website showed that 57% of people were turned off by a ride reeking of cigarettes. Dirty cars, older models, an unfashionable cars were particularly disliked in a date. About 40% said those are a deal breaker.

The driver’s behavior comes into play as well. Smoking, aggressive driving, talking on cell phones and the obvious vice of nose picking were cited as red flags. Yelling at others on the road, speeding, and putting on make up rounded out the top complaints about the behavior of a driver-date.

It is a shame when someone takes the time to groom themselves and dress well but neglects to keep the same standard for the car. It is inauthentic, incongruent, and signals to the date that it was out of the ordinary to get cleaned up. While the driver feels it is just a normal ride in the every day car, the date might be getting the absolute wrong impression about the person behind the wheel.

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