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Quick Summary:

Hookup potential: 4/5 Features: 4/5 Design: 4/5 Content: 5/5

  • Aims to put the science in dating
  • Acts as a mediator to help find the best date for you
  • Pretty orderly and methodological way of dating or meeting someone

The Full Story:

No, is not a site to get lessons in the science of chemistry. But if you’re looking for using a bit of science in finding the right date with the right chemistry, then that’s what is about.

The idea is, will get your profile and dating preferences, checks its registry for members with matching profiles, then forwards those members’ info to you. You now then have to choose whether you’re interested in those members and start interacting with them.

The concept is pretty simple. The site is a mediator, or you can say a matchmaker. The site gets the best match for you based on the preference you stated in your profile. You start your profile by answering some questions, created by love doctor Dr. Helen Fisher. The matching profiles will then be made to meet by and go on from there.

Exciting features

What’s interesting about it is that the search process for a potential date is streamlined. You don’t need to look through the members’ list manually because the site will do the matching and sorting out for you. You just wait for the matching profiles to be sent to you and make your selection from the list you’ll be provided.

But here’s one thing to note: there would be no interaction with other members until the site sends you some matching profiles. The issue is not whether you will receive matching profiles, for surely, you will. The issue is you won’t have a chance for direct interaction with the members like with other dating sites. In a way, the site acts like a wall between you and other members of the site.

For some people, that is one of the things that you’re looking for in a dating site—that free-flowing interaction. You would like to look at different profiles yourself and make your decision from what you see and read. You would want to chat or video chat the person you’re interested with directly for some real-time action. But that doesn’t happen in In other words, the thrill of the hunt is lessened to a degree. This is one thing you would miss when you go with

But on the upside, can become a good venue if you’re looking for a serious relationship. Since everything is based on profile matches derived from personality and preferences, the chances of you and your match clicking would be quite good. Also, the whole process is done step-by-step, meaning you do take time to get to know each other before actually meeting (yes, the point is to let you meet your date in real life). So for the marrying types, can surely lend you a hand.

But if you’re the one who’s looking for a quick wham-bam fling, then might not be the one for you. As mentioned, you don’t have direct or unrestricted access to the members. No chat, no video conference, and no personal message, that is, until you get a match. Another is the step-by-step process can be lengthy and would entail a lot of waiting. It would be quicker to go to the local bar and nightclub to get that one night amour. And lastly, I don’t think is designed for that purpose. From my impression of the site, it’s made to help people with matching personalities establish serious and deep relationships.

Though puts a lot of “science” in the dating scene, is it fool-proof? Of course not. If you think their “science” is indubitable, then you’re the fool. The site just increases your potential for meeting compatible dates, that’s all.

Another thing to note is that you may have stuck to the whole process and ended up with nothing. Well, that’s dating for you. It’s not really the fault of the site, but then it could be frustrating to go through the whole thing and all you got from it is a “Thank you, it was nice knowing you.”

Here’s what I think about if you want to get a serious relationship, then the site can help you out. But if you’re just fooling around, the site can help, but other sites can do it faster and better.

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13 Responses to “ review”

  1. Ivan Says:

    I hope to find my match from this site. I’ll give it a try! The domain is pretty much catchy.


    • richard Says:

      this site is a SCAM. They have horrible customer service. If you get automatically rebilled they stick you with the charge. They should be the target of a class action suit.

      Also it is expensive and not worth it.


  2. Balsy Says:

    Nice concept. A site that will match your standards. Definitely worth it for those who are looking for their other half.


  3. Amanda Says:

    No chat, no video conference, and no personal message, that is, until you get a match.

    This one is a miss. I wanna find my match. I’m sick of dating wrong people.


  4. Header Says:

    Site is not for me. Looking for some quick wham-bam fling here. Oh well, I think it’s time to get myself into a serious relationship.


  5. Ara Says:

    Good thing they have this profile matching thingy. It’s easier to find my match then. Kudos to the site developer.


  6. Princess Says:

    Since everything is based on profile matches derived from personality and preferences, the chances of you and your match clicking would be quite good.

    Hands down on this. Now, I need to do the next step. Be a member of this site and find my prince charming.


  7. Paulo Says:

    What a great catch on aiming to put science of chemistry. Love it!


  8. Smart Alec Says:

    Upside: At least half of their matches are decent.
    * They’re fairly expensive
    * They only match you with a couple people per day
    * I had a response rate of 0%!

    On OkCupid and PlentyOfFish, you can see who “looked” at you, and you get their responses. I sort matches by when they were last on, to make sure their profile isn’t “dead”. Of the women I email, about half look, and about a quarter respond. So… 25% batting rate ain’t bad. On… I’ve gotten no responses. It’s likely that many of the profiles are “dead” and of the ones that aren’t, they aren’t paying members, so they can’t respond.

    So far, the site’s been a waste of time and money. Unless something dramatically improves, I’m not going to resubscribe.


  9. Just Me Says:

    The Good – personality review.

    The Bad –
    1) Nigerians, scams etc… Lately 1/2 the matches they send are obvious scams
    2) Non paying profiles, these are a waste since they can’t read anything you send them.
    3) 2 matches a day.

    Ok here is Chemistry’s problem. They keep inactive and non paying profiles to inflate their numbers. That’s fine, but once someone is a paying member they need to provide you with 2 other paying member profiles a day. If they want to send extra non paying member profiles, that’s ok, but mark them as such. That way you don’t waste a good email on someone that can’t even respond.

    As for scams, that’s hard for any site to prevent. But at the least if one of your matches is a scam, then replace them with another. Give people what they paid for at least.

    I’ve tried Match, Chemistry, and OkCupid (all owned by the same company) for 2 months. From all the sites I’ve had emails and the such. But the only thing worth counting is actual dates. Match – 3, OkCupid – 1, Chemistry – 0. Chemistry is the costliest of the 3 yet produces the least results.

    Over the last week, I’ve been sent 14 matches, 7 were scammers, 5 haven’t logged in. so really I have 2 matches, and no idea if they even paid, and can get a email. Really not worth the money IMO.


  10. Dan from The Best Free Dating Says:

    Its definitely not just for hooking up because you can’t just browse people. The good thing is that you can chat and video once your matched up.
    Dan from The Best Free Dating´s last blog post ..Top Dating Site Jargon Explained


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