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Quick Summary:

Value for money: 5/5 Features: 3/5 Design: 2/5 Member quality: 2/5

  • This free dating site is a more “adult” version of Facebook.
  • The design is inconsistent as each profile strives to be unique and reflective of the user’s personality.
  • DateHookup is not for those looking for serious relationships.
  • This site does not generate matches. You find your match through reading profiles and participating in forums.

The Full Story

This site seems like a dream come true for those who want no commitments whatsoever. does not only provide contacts that are game for flings, but it is also free. This means that you do not have to provide your credit card number. So, the user is totally uncommitted, not even having to commit important financial information to the site. You may even think of as a sort of dating social network in the most accurate sense. It is like Facebook for those whose aim is mainly to find someone to hook up with. The homepage even operates in a similar manner. Check your personalized homepage out. There, you will see the latest activity in your area. So, you will see which guys or girls are doing the stuff that you also like doing. You will also find out where they are getting busy.

Site layout

For those who are familiar with friendship networking sites such as Facebook, the layout is easy to navigate. Just as relationships that usually form through the dating site are not that serious, the layout is informal – quite suitable. Older guys and girls who are looking for hookups may find the color and layout scheme too “teenybopper”, though. Users’ profiles are customized to the colors and font preferred. This means that the site’s developers are more interested in permitting the expression of individuality rather than consistency. Informal and inconsistent, the DateHookup site may prove to be a little untidy. Still, it works for those who just want to have their personalities posted along with their flirtiest photos. Each user can even feature his or her favorite song on his or her profile. The user’s friends are also featured on the page. So, you don’t just get to know the user himself or herself but also friends who may have the same interests.

The match up that offers is no-nonsense. Users browse for possible hookups by looking at profiles that resemble those of mainstream social networks’. They get to read about the person according to what the person chooses to share. So, some may actually look for something a little deeper than a few dates here and there. Still, the match-ups are not really based on anything scientific. But hey, even in real life it is like that. You first see someone and find that person attractive. Then, once you have gone on a few dates, you get to know each other better, if that is what you are looking for. For most of DateHookup’s users though, the personality part may just be important to find someone they will have fun with. They can even pick someone who is the opposite of their personality, if that is their choice.


DateHookup also has features that allow the users to get to know some of the other members before the hookup itself. Forums provide the users a means of communication. There, they can find someone that interests them. True to the hookup focus of the site, there are even forums dedicated to dating and sex. The conversation can be very personal and even quite graphic. So, members can find those who are game for plain hookups by the way they participate in the said forums. In the same forums though, you will still find people who are actually looking for more than just a hookup. They are probably just covering more ground in terms of finding their special someone.

Overall, DateHookup is recommended to people who want to have fun. Don’t expect your soulmate here; you might get hurt. If you want to play the field or to be a little less serious sometimes, I definitely recommend this site for you. The site is not designed to provide matches. The users have to search and browse for the matches themselves. It is like a bar, but with more people in it who would like to take you home. Oh yeah, and it’s free. So no need to buy anyone drinks before actually dating them.

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6 Responses to “ review”

  1. Marvin Says:

    I’m a member of this site, and I love the chicks here. So freshhh!


  2. Marven Says:

    Don’t expect to see your soulmate here. True. It’s all for hookups and fun. Loved it!


    • Michael Says:

      Amen. If you’re down to all that hookups, this site is yours. Gotta admit, I have nailed lots of women from this site. Yummy.


  3. Sarah Says:

    I think they should workout on the layout and ditch the teenybopper approach. Overall, site works for me.


  4. Carlo Says:

    I need to bang lots of girls from this site. They’re such hotties. Bring them in to my room now!



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