Sun, Feb 13, 2011


DateMate is an app that allows users to keep track and thus take control their dating life. Users add their partners and then each time they interact through dates or sexual encounters, they simply rate and tag the event. This allows DateMate to provide useful graphical feedback. Users are also able to call, email or sms their partners directly from within the app to schedule future dates. It is simple to use, fun and useful for people with interesting dating lives. Essentially, the app is all about giving insight to users about their dating and sexual history so they can make better decision regarding their future activities.

Here is a DateMate demo:

The Lite version has all the functionality of the full version and does not have any ads. The difference is that users can add two partners and up to five events for each. In the full version it is unlimited. Users can upgrade for $2.99 via an in-app purchase so that they do not lose any data that they have already added.

The DateMate motto is, “Keep track, keep score and take control your dating life.”

The original launch of DateMate was covered by Gizmodo and selected as one of their apps of the week.

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  1. Cu Sut Says:

    Cool app! Worth to try!


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