Dating an Unemployed Person

Thu, Jul 22, 2010


If you go on enough dates in today’s economic environment, you are bound to meet an unemployed person or two. What happens if there is chemistry? Should you proceed with getting to know them more? That is the first question you must answer and it is a personal one. For some people, being unemployed is a deal breaker and shows too much irresponsibility. If you feel, however, that it is a fact of life and would like to give the person a chance, there are a few things you should keep in mind as you move forward.

Pick Up Clues About Their Situation.
First of all, recognize that if there is hesitation or murkiness when the topic of work comes up, there is a chance the person is unemployed. What you must then try to learn is whether they are active in their attempts to remedy the situation. Try to bring the conversation to things currently going on in your lives. Does your date seem to be spending too much time on TV or internet time-wasters? That could be a sign that they are lazy and slow to turn the situation around. On the other hand, if they bring up experiences from interviews, applications, or job related books, their head is probably in the right place.

Learn How They Have Been Affected.
One of the biggest problems that comes with unemployment, besides financial troubles, is the effect it can have on someone’s mood. Nobody wants to date an unhappy or depressed person. Listen to how they talk about their hobbies and social life. If things sound a lot like they are in the past, as in there were a lot of things the person used to do but does not anymore, there is a chance they have lost some zest for life. Look for people that remain proactive in all areas of life while between jobs. They are more likely to be the ones that find jobs and the ones that you can be happy with until they do.

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