Dating Conference 2010

Fri, Aug 6, 2010


Dating coaches, ebooks, advice and tips now proliferate the Internet which is a strong indication that there is a large universe of people — mostly men — desiring a magic formula for successful dating. The 2010 Dating Conference just wrapped up, and this year’s event in New York City drew an estimated 300 participants — each forking over a hefty $377 for the privilege of hearing dating tips from various so-called “experts” within the dating realm. These experts go by monikers such as DJ Fuji and Glenn P. Subject matter of the various lectures was deep, and it ranged from topics such as “getting out of the platonic zone” to “hooking up during the day”. The conference’s organizer, Christopher Luna of date coaching business Craft Of Charisma, also led a field trip one evening of the conference down to a bar in the trendy Chelsea area.

Tagging along with him were 4 hapless conference attendees seeking the magic bullet when it comes to meeting women in bars. As one approached a small group of attractive women, Mr. Luna went into a near panic pulling him back with the admonition that one never approaches women from behind — a sure way to get shot down in his book. He spent several hours with his pupils in the bar showing them the right way to hit up women and pointing out a faux pas when one arose. Unfortunately the entire group — including Mr. Luna — ended up leaving the bar alone.

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