Dating Is Like Lost

Sat, Jul 10, 2010

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While watching Lost, have you ever noticed the parallels between many themes on the show and your dating life? Both are driven by magnetism — in Lost causing Oceanic 815 to crash, and in your dating life magnetism often dictates who your next date will be. For women, they are often faced with a choice between a Jack or a Sawyer. Do you want a clean-cut smart guy who might end up boring you, or an exciting bad boy who you know will end up causing much heartache? Furthermore, in both scenarios you can’t trust the “others”. Within the context of Lost, these are the island’s existing occupants, and in your dating life they’re your partner’s friends. A girl’s friends often prove to be an anathema to a male suitor they view as competition for her attention, and from a girl’s perspective a guy’s friends are nothing but bad influences.

In both arenas, decisions are derived after a battle of emotions versus logic. In Lost, Shephard is the epitome of reasoned thought processes while Locke is driven more by faith. Decisions faced while dating most often are viewed with the same dichotomy — “my heart wants to be with him/her, but my brain tells me I shouldn’t”. All of us have faced that dilemma. Most saliently, Lost and dating share a very similar characteristic — you can ponder it, analyze it and go over it in your head many times — but you still end up being confused.

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