Different Treatment in Front of Friends: What Does It Mean?

Sun, Oct 10, 2010


Early stages of dating typically involve a lot of one on one time, but as things get more serious, partners eventually meet and spend time with the friends and family of their significant other. Sometimes, there are noticeable changes in how someone acts toward their partner in front of friends and family. Depending on the changes, it can be a telling signal to pay attention to.

They Will Not Introduce You. If some time has passed and it is clear that the relationship is in a serious long term stage, you should have met the friends and family of your partner by now. If there have been obvious opportunities and an excuse always comes up for why you cannot be included, you should look for the fastest way out of the relationship. It is either a sign that the person is embarrassed of you or that they see no future and do not want to let you into that part of their life as a result.

Your Partner is Less Loving and Affectionate. This is more of a mixed bag and depends on the situation. If your better half normally has their hands all over you but is uptight in the presence of others, consider the situation. Some people are just not comfortable showing affection in front of their family because of the culture or the type of household they were raised in. If it is in the company of work friends, there might be an uptight culture or heavy gossip that goes on in that workplace and it carries over to social settings. Think of the total circumstances to learn more about these types of changes.

Outright Meanness. You will sometimes see this from guys that try to be macho and act bossy and demeaning to their girlfriend, or from women who crack hurtful jokes and insults when trying to amuse their friends. This shows that they value their friends approval more than your feelings and it is a game you cannot win.

While there are always differences in specific situations, some things cannot be ignored. Knowing ahead of time what kinds of changes occur can keep you aware of what is going on and not let you rationalize it to stay in a bad situation.

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