eHarmony Better Work

Tue, Oct 19, 2010


OMG! I’ve spent less time crafting a full brief for a moot court case than it took me to answer eHarmony‘s questionnaire and fill out my profile. I better find the most amazing guy in the world after doing all that work! I’m just kidding, but there is a basis of truth. Are all those questions really and truly necessary? And their profile input system can be quite frustrating. I timed out several times when I had to take a phone call or a bathroom break. Maybe the process is on purpose in order to weed out those who aren’t truly committed to the endeavor? Probably not, but that would make sense. Someone told me not to become a member until I received my first match, but I figured wth, if I’m gonna do it I might as well just pay for it now.

So I have a few initial matches, and I’m perusing their profiles now. Two don’t have pictures on their profile, so they are out. Probably bald! Ha ha, i’m just kidding — bald guys can be sexy. Another two don’t appear to be members yet, so I’m not going to waste time there. Out of the remaining 3, one appears very cute and another is getting his MBA here at the same university at which I attend law school. A JD and and MBA? Could be a good match. I’m not going to use either of their real names on here — that wouldn’t be classy. So we’ll call the cute one Leonardo (ha ha, yes I love Leo) and the MBA we’ll call Gordon (Gordon Gecko, baby!). Not that Gordon isn’t cute, but Leonardo definitely wins in that department. So I’m going to hope one of them contacts me now that I appear on their matches — I’m not shy and am willing to contact them, but I don’t want to appear desperate. Well, wish me luck — I’ll update everyone when something of consequence (hopefully) happens!



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