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Quick Summary:

Hookup potential: 5/5 Features: 5/5 Design: 5/5 Content: 5/5

  • This very professional site aims to scientifically match couples with common characteristics.
  • eHarmony is geared towards facilitating serious relationships that will potentially end up in marriage or long-term commitments.
  • The communication features work well to help you separate potential mates from those who probably won’t work out.

The Full Story:

The name of the dating site is highly appropriate. And why is that? This extremely professional, elegant-looking website really does a great job of selling you on the idea that computer matching will help you to meet your future spouse or partner. The use of blue and green colors match the clean, harmonious image it is trying to project. If you’re going to take a look at eHarmony, however, do be sure that you are looking for more than a hookup. eHarmony is focused heavily on matching up people for serious, long-term relationships, and proudly boasts that every day it is responsible for people getting married. If you are looking for a fling, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

eHarmony‘s search engine

The site’s search engine allows you to set your own limit as to what is the farthest distance away your match may come from. For some, long-distance relationships can only mean heartache. For others, long-distance love affairs have a romantic, fairytale quality. It’s unusual and a good idea that eHarmony caters to both mindsets. eHarmony’s engine also has the usual ability to search members according to gender, age, et cetera.

Because eHarmony is bent on helping you find your soulmate, it has a secure call feature and a chat feature. This way, you get to communicate with your prospective match live. You also get to keep your chosen matches. If one match is not really the sort of person you are looking for, you can always close the match. This can happen especially through eHarmony‘s flexible matching. eHarmony first provides you with matches that result from the dating site’s rigid matching scheme. This refers to those people who almost exactly match the criteria you have laid down. However, there will be times when the site cannot find such persons. This is when eHarmony becomes more flexible and provides you with those you may actually like based on a few of your chosen criteria. By the way, those rigid matches are a result of a series of questions you have to answer about your personality. eHarmony seeks to match people beyond the physical characteristics. The people behind eHarmony believe that long-term relationships work best when the couples have more in common.

Using the icebreakers

Don’t worry even if you are the most fastidious person when it comes to picking that special someone, as there is bound to be someone who will interest you at least. eHarmony has millions of members. So even if you don’t find your soulmate at one go, you will definitely find someone who may develop into that person. So, you have the option to keep a few of the matches that interest you at first glance. From then on, you can use the process of elimination which will be aided by constant communication with each of those matches. Do not be contented with just keeping those matches reserved. You can also use eHarmony‘s icebreakers. These icebreakers are a selection of lines you can use to get the attention of a particular match. Why do you need to get that person’s attention? So that you will also make your way into that person’s reserved matches. It will be no good to have him or her in yours when he or she has no idea you exist. What if you make your move when that person is already committed to another eHarmony user?

So, if you are looking for a serious relationship and couldn’t seem to find that person in the workplace and in any of your social circles, try eHarmony. This dating site has produced thousands of married couples who claim to have found their destinies in one another. Perhaps it is your time to find the one.

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8 Responses to “ review”

  1. Ella Says:

    Perfect review for a perfect site. I like the site for its elegant look and feel style.


  2. Nathe Says:

    Atlast, some site that caters up for serios relationship not just for casual sex. Great review btw.


  3. Mark Says:

    C’mon Nathe, we just has casual sex last night. Who are u trying to kid?


  4. Krista Says:

    Can’t wait to find my soulmate! This eharmony site will help me find the one.


  5. Anna Says:

    This dating site has produced thousands of married couples who claim to have found their destinies in one another.

    Nice site if that’s the case. I for one believe that I’m gonna meet my destiny from online… Hhopefully thru this site.


  6. Mayette Says:

    The use of icebreakers of this site is totally awesome! That way, I will make a way into flirting my fresh catch of the day. LOL.


  7. escorts in montreal Says:

    Very informative and good body structure of subject material , now that’s user friendly (:.



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