Exit Strategies For Nightmare Date

Sat, Sep 25, 2010


In a perfect world, every date would be a dazzling experience that keeps you interested and excited all night. Unfortunately, the reality is that there will be nightmare dates every so often. When Mr. or Ms. Wrong starts laying on the sleaze, offends you, or just plain bores you, there comes a time when enough is enough. All it takes to get out of these situations is a little thought and planning ahead of time. Since these situations come up so often, there are some tried and true strategies that have been saving daters for years.

Have A Friend Call You. Pick a pal you trust and let him or her know the situation ahead of time. You can give them an “emergency” to have ready to go for when you give them the hint that you need an assist. If your friend just had a bad breakup, a minor injury, or a traumatic experience, your date will understand that you have to cut the date short and tend to your friend. This strategy has worked so well, that there are now smartphone apps that will fake such a call at any time you preset!

Make Other Plans. When you first arrange the date, let it be known that you have a late birthday party to go to or some similar event, and your options will be open. If things go south on the date, you have an out, but you can “cancel” your other plans if things go well. Whether or not the plans are real does not matter. The important thing is that you preserve your flexibility.

Be Direct. When all else fails, be up front with your date and let them know you are not having a good time. Be clear and firm that the date is over and make your escape. While your date might be hurt at first, it will earn you more respect in the end for being honest.

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