For Every Pot There Is A Lid

Sun, Jun 27, 2010

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We are a people of varied and diverse interests. Whereas mainstream dating sites seek to find you a good match out of a large universe of candidates, micro niche dating sites narrow down the search process by catering to singles with a dominant singular interest — or obsession. A good example would be — a dating site for hardcore trekkies who can recite from memory every line from the seminal episode The Trouble With Tribbles. is a good place to hook-up with like minded singles who you can share intimate Pop Tart filled evenings glued to the couch together. provides for a forum for pet lovers to connect based upon the compatibility of their pets — thus avoiding inevitably tragic Pit Bull/Chihuahua relationships. is the place for hardcore objectivist Ayn Rand fans to find their own Hank Reardon or Dagny Taggart. Jackbooted government agents and bleeding heart liberals need not apply. is where you’ll find your dream WoW obsessed hottie — a perfect match can be made where your avatars will spend hours of quality time together. Don’t ever try to lie to or cheat on a mate snagged on — a dating site where poker enthusiasts can go all-in for love. is a site for — well, never mind. No matter what your interest — however bizarre or esoteric — there is probably a dating site for you.

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