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Mon, Nov 16, 2009


Quick Summary:

Value for money: 4/5 Features: 4/5 Design: 4/5 Member quality: 4/5

  • The site allows you to contribute an article on any topic.
  • The site is simple and easy to use.
  • The perfect site for you if you’re looking for German friends or are interested in learning about the German culture.

The Full Story

The Internet abounds with find-a-friend sites and they usually appear superficially pretty similar to each other. It has become a niche business; a matter of finding the site that offers the perfect features for you based on your particular interests and idiosyncrasies. German Friendfinder ticks a lot of my boxes.

For example, I like that you don’t just see the names of the site members who are online. The faces of users online are automatically shown also, with the added bonus of some personal information about them being displayed. It makes the finding-a-friend process much easier and more bearable than having to click through to each member’s photos and personal information one at a time.

Also, as a man searching constantly for a possible life partner, I love the way that the chat room is tailored specifically to being able to chat with women. That way, I am able to immediately narrow down my selections after seeing how they interact through that medium.

Other features

I also believe that the profiling section of the site is very well put-together. It caters to everything a user would want to find out about a person and covers a lot of the angles that he or she might possibly pursue later on. I am sure the other members of this site will agree.

The magazine section is also worth mentioning. Everyone in the German Friendfinder community is free to contribute to it any article on any topic that they wish to write about, upload a blog or content to the site, or simply make a comment on other members’ articles or blog posts. This is a great exercise for members who may want to put their writing skills and talents to good use while looking for that special someone.

As a matter of fact, it is motivating to read about the site’s various success stories. These stories highlight the triumphs of some members who were able to find life partners through the site. Another yet amusing feature of the site is the section where there is a voting option for the best photos section of German Friendfinder. I’m sure all the members of German Friendfinder are not only happy to see many pretty and sexy lasses all over the world, but also delighted with the thought that they get to vote for the one they like most.

One thing to be aware of, kind of obviously, is that the first language for many of the site’s members is German. If your German is weak (or absent), you may find fluid communication with some members difficult. That said, most members also have good English, even if it’s not their preferred language of interaction.

Learning more about other members

Video uploading is a pretty neat feature of membership. Even more fun, though, is watching and listening to the other members’ videos, browsing them by category, and eventually rating them as one’s most favorite or least liked video introductions on the site.

And lastly, one thing more I like about this site is the Bulletin Network, where everyone can share news or announcements detailing any personal success, happiness, or failure to the whole network. I think the group behind this site is doing a great job in polishing their site to cater to people like me. People who are looking for a dream partner–a dream partner who speaks German!

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