Getting Back On My Feet

Sat, Oct 16, 2010


Hi everyone,

It’s Corey here again, and as most of you probably figured out — Robert never called me back. I don’t know why, and at this point I don’t really care. The last few weeks I immersed myself in school as classes began again, but now I’ve decided that I am ready to descend back into the insanity of the dating world. Last year I briefly toyed around with online dating, but candidly, I did not give it much effort. This time I promised myself that I will treat it seriously, and I will try to assuage my suspicion that any guy I meet online must be a creep, pervert, loser or liar. Several of my friends have met nice guys from online dating sites, so I am going to keep a positive attitude.

I’m going to try eHarmony and One of my guy friends insisted that I had to try AdultFriendFinder too, and I’m so naive that I believed him. After looking at the site I figured out it was a joke. Hardy har har, Matt. So maybe I can finally meet a decent guy and stop playing this silly game we call dating. It is really beginning to irk me not being able to succeed at it — ordinarily, I always get what I want. OK, so I’ll update everyone on my experience with eHarmony once I get going on it. Talk to everybody soon!


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