Google Declares War On Cougars

Sun, Jun 6, 2010


Older ladies who enjoy an occasional boytoy are no longer going to be able to depend upon Google ads in order to facilitate their inter-generational liaisons. Cougar dating site is complaining that Google will no longer accept their advertisements. They seem to have a point — Google will accepts ads from a wide variety of other “untraditional” dating sites. These include which seeks to set up married daters, which sets up older men with younger women and an abundance of other dating sites catering to a diverse set of interests. However, Google has now drawn the line at Cougars.

What explains this antipathy on the part of Google towards the Desperate Housewives set looking for a little harmless fun? CougarLife pulls no punches — they claim it is blatant discrimination. Google’s response has been focused on emphasizing that it seeks to keep its ads “family friendly” — an explanation which rings hollow seeing their acceptance of ads from AshleyMadison. Cheating is ok, but dating a guy seven or more years your junior is an affront to baseball and apple pie? Wikipedia defines a cougar as being a female aged 35 are older who is inclined to date men at least seven years her junior. If this defines you — then you should know that Google does not approve. However, you now know you can surf directly to Cougarlife and Google can deprive itself of ad revenue from you for whatever irrational reason they devise.

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