Hanging Out With Groups vs. One on One Dates

Sun, Jul 25, 2010


Conventional dating rituals say that you should start out by going for a nice dinner and a movie, then see what happens from there. Part of the fun of dating, however, comes from mixing it up and breaking out of traditional dating patterns. This is why you might want to consider starting out with a new person in a group setting instead of a one on one date.

Often times, dates with just the two of you are too intense and do not fit naturally with the casual way you met. It forces the two of you to get to know each other at a pace that might not be comfortable. Instead, consider bringing the person to a party your friends are having, or going to a social event your date mentioned. This way, you can switch between having one-on-one moments and breaking off to do your own things and mingle with friends and new people.

Another option is double dating or an even larger group of dating couples. This allows the formality of a dinner date, but still brings the casual approach that comes in a group setting. It is a positive situation because if there is instant chemistry, that can be pursued, but if things are a little uncomfortable at first, there is no pressure to force things. Overall, going out with larger groups early on is a great way to ease into a relationship and get to know one another at a relaxed pace.

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