How Honesty Leads to Healthy Dating

Mon, Mar 12, 2012


When you start dating someone new, it can be nerve wracking. Not only are you excited and happy, but you are also really nervous about how they will react once they get to know you. This is why anyone who has ever read any advice about going on dates knows the run down of what they should do: make a good first impression, smile, be charming, and don’t reveal any secrets. The question is, however, does this lead to healthy dating? After all, the tendency is for most people to get a bit carried away and stretch the truth.

While it is definitely important to put your best foot forward and try to show the best side of you, this shouldn’t be done to the point where you start changing who you are or pretending to be a certain way when you’re not. It is important to be genuine with a woman from the very first date. First of all, women are very intuitive. They will know if you’re faking it or if something is off with you, and this will be counterproductive to your making a good first impression. Second, if you start on a genuine note, you will have a very healthy dating relationship with this woman because she knows you are not fake.

So, how do you give a good impression, but still make sure that impression is 100% you? Try these techniques:

Talk About Her

If you’re afraid you’re going to say something that will turn her off, why not talk about her? Showing interest in her and what she does is always something that will score you brownie points. She will be flattered that you’re showing that much interest. If you want to keep her talking, open up a topic she is likely to have an opinion on.

Always Check What You Said

Naturally, there will be times when she will ask you questions and you will have to answer. When you answer, always make eye contact. This will help keep you in check because it’s hard to lie to someone and look them in the eye. As you speak, check on what you’re saying. Is it all true? If it isn’t, correct it right there. It will seem like less of a lie.

Pretend a Good Friend is There

It’s very difficult to lie when someone who knows you well is around. Though it may be weird to pretend a friend is on a date with you. Thinking about how they’d react to what you’re saying is another way to keep yourself in check.

Remember, honesty leads to healthy dating. When you’re honest with a woman from the get go, having a relationship will be much easier because you won’t have any big surprises to reveal later. Like having to tell her you’re just an analyst when you initially told her you were an investment banker. You will also find that you aren’t as anxious about going on dates because you know you are with someone who likes you exactly for who you are, not who you made her think you were!

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