How Not To Get A Date

Mon, Aug 9, 2010


There are many ways to get a date, but this rather scatterbrained woman takes the cake. It all started when one of her neighbors called the police to complain about her loud music. The cops arrived and advised her to turn it down — to which she immediately complied. However, after the cops left she couldn’t help but ponder how cute one of them was, and she proceeded to embark upon one of the worst plans to get a date ever used in the history of courtship. She dialed 911 and stated that her emergency was that she had a crush on the cop and was wondering if the dispatcher had his name — or could possibly send him back over to her house.

The officer actually did return to her house, but he was neither flattered nor impressed. He proceeded to arrest her thus costing her $371 in bail and subjecting her to potential penalties including a $6000 fine and up to a year in jail. She conveyed her humiliation when she was forced to explain her actions to a judge, and this Youtube clip will ensure that she remains an object of ridicule for many years to come. People have gotten into trouble for calling 911 for all sorts of silly reasons including Burger King taking too long making their Whopper and imagined UFO sightings — but this call certainly will be the butt of jokes for quite a long time.

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