How to Avoid Bad or Unsuccessful First Dates

Sun, Mar 9, 2014


They say first impressions make or break you; so is the case with first dates. Some do get a second chance, but it’s always the first date that leaves a mark. Getting jittery when it comes to first dates is only normal; hence making obvious blunders come with the territory. Here is how to avoid making those mistakes without designing flashy banners for memory. Read thoroughly before you head out for yours to save up on an embarrassed day of meeting someone new. Make it perfect, just as you’d want it to be!

Men Keep In Mind:

  1. Leave that bad breath at home. Your bad breath in a first date will make sure you do not get a second date.

  2. When it comes to body odor well let’s just say you can either have it or the girl sitting in front of you.

  3. Dress for the occasion. If you turn up in a sweatshirt and running shoes, you might as well run home.

  4. Do not mention any of your exes, its history and she is not interested.

  5. Talking just about you comes off as arrogance. And arrogance is not attractive.

  6. Checking out other women is a crime in a first date.

  7. Mind table manners and chew with mouth closed.

  8. Never be overtly touchy feely in a first date, it will tell her that all you want is to sex her up not spoon and cuddle.

  9. Be nice to everyone around. It will let her know that you were brought up by nothing less than a queen.

  10. Limit your alcohol intake; you do not want her to judge you on the basis of your drunken split personality when she barely knows you.

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Women Guard Your Lines:

  1. Dress sexy not slutty, you want him to respect you not lust you.

  2. Makeup is a department you must go subtle on for a first date. Don’t go all au naturale, but keep it to minimum.

  3. Let your hair down, boys will like to imagine running their finger through your hair as you kiss.

  4. Wear fragrance, choose one that’s light yet lingers on for long and makes you feel good.

  5. I said this for the boys likewise for the girls – do not get drunk. Drink responsibly, then at least if the date doesn’t go well you can head home on your own.

  6. Avoid mentioning exes at all costs. It tells that you are still not over him or them and no guy wants to date a girl who lives in the past.

  7. Do not trash talk about anyone. It’s your first meeting, pulling out negative traits will chase the guy away.

  8. Do not talk and put it all out there just yet. Leave something for him to imagine, build curiosity upon.

  9. Offer to chip in for the bill. It will present you as a modern, independent women and that is sexy.

  10. Be yourself, it is not an interview. If you enjoy your time he will like you even more. Who doesn’t like a girl who can let her guard down and relax.

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