How To Date A Vampire

Thu, Aug 12, 2010


Vampires are now all the rage, and many have questions when it comes to the best ways to date one. Stephen Moore, star of HBO’s True Blood, recently volunteered some advice within this arena. Speaking to a group surrounding him at the recent Hollywood shindig celebrating the premiere show of the new season, Moore conveys to women desiring to attract a vampire that they should keep their neck exposed — and eat their greens and carrots. The carrots are especially important when it comes to night vision — an ability obviously necessary if one is to adopt a vampire mate’s nocturnal lifestyle.

Moore knows what he speaks seeing he was able to attract his hot co-star, Anna Paquin, in real life. The happy couple is reportedly engaged, although no wedding date has been set. Reporters will probably be tipped off to a pending wedding reception should a local Hollywood blood bank be robbed. From True Blood to Twilight, the vampire era is officially in full swing world wide. Of course, a multiplicity of dating sites have arisen to cater to vampires — including, and — enabling those who like to bite to easily hook up with those who like to be bitten. Just remember to practice safe blood-drinking — if there is such a thing.

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