How to really love a woman

Wed, Sep 5, 2012



Many men think they know how to love a woman, but you can see evidence of the contrary in the fact most relationships don’t last six months nowadays. What a man calls love and what a woman calls love are two different things. A woman constantly needs reassurance of love in the relationship. Many men however, still act like they are cavemen. What I mean is they are excited about the chase, and they will do anything to win the girl. Once they achieve that goal, the effort and the love begin to fade. Here are some tips on how to find the woman of your dreams, and if you already have her, some tips to keep her.

This may sound extremely simple, but tell her you love her. Tell her when she least expects it, and tell her often. A sure sign that you are not telling her enough, is if she asks you the question, “Do you love me?”. The reason why she is asking is because she is unsure if you really do, so you can gain major points by telling her often. Write it on her mirror, leave her a note, text her, just tell her.

When you were courting or chasing the girl in your life you loved everything about her. Now that you have her, you see flaws and you let her know about them. Stop critiquing your girl about her short comings, and love her for who she is, completely. You woman may be sexy, intelligent and even generous, but that isn’t why you love her. You love her for all of what she is. Tell her you think she is sexy once in a while, and watch her eyes light up.

If you want to make your relationship last, you must live in the moment. What I mean is, do not dwell on the past. Do not bring up ex-boyfriends, ex-lovers or times you remember your girl was less than faithful. If you are committed to be in a relationship you need to stop looking in the rear view mirror, and drive forward. The easiest way to kill your relationship is to berate her over things that happened in the past. Let it go, or you will be soon letting her go.

You want your girl to love you, then start by loving yourself. If you love yourself, you will receive love in return. If you are telling yourself good things and loving the person you are, you can only express that same love to the woman in your life. She will see and feel your love and give it back to you ten fold.

Do you find yourself saying that your wife/girlfriend doesn’t know you? Want to know what that really is saying? You don’t understand the woman in your life. If you want your relationship to grow, you should get to know her better. I mean all her likes, dislikes, just take a genuine interest in her and watch a miracle happen. She will see you are interested in her brain and not just her body. She will see you in a whole new light.

Pay attention to her as well, because if you don’t, there is a guy nearby that will. Did you know that many of the habits your girl has, that you think annoy you to no end, are simply her way of trying to get your attention? Woman love attention, it is very simple to miss this tip if you aren’t aware of it. You will begin ignoring her annoyances, when in reality they are attempts to get you to come closer to her. You do not have to be a puppy on a lease around her, just give her some unexpected attention. Tell her that her shoes look amazing, tell her that her hair looks nice, ask her how was her day, and genuinely pay attention.

One final tip is to never go to bed angry. This can save your relationship if you practice it enough. If you ignore it, your fights will become more frequent and will eventually end the relationship. If you have a fight, cool off, then go to her before bed and tell her you love her and do not like fighting. Agree to disagree and sleep together in the bed. You need to both be grateful for every day you two are together. Try telling her everyday, in different ways that you love her. You will build a strong unit that will last a long time.

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5 Responses to “How to really love a woman”

  1. Love Problem Solution Says:

    A men is always incomplete without a women. So if you want to love her make her happy with lots of gifts and take her on dinner. Feel her wish and try t fulfill them. Then you really make and deserve her love and affection.


  2. kim grundy Says:

    A women want nothing expect care and love. If one treat her as a princess then there is not need to think about it. In simple a care is enough to make her happy at all.
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  3. Bob Says:

    Seriously? i am just joking and you are right i had a girlfriend and i am quiet happy with her and i feel very lucky life like a heaven because i think she is one of the beautiful, charm that i never seen in my life 🙂


  4. Jeese james Says:

    Every women wish that someone loves her and make her life happy. Firstly don’t to make over smart just enjoy every little moment of life with your love and make her every wish complete. try some surprises like romantic dinner, and surprise gift on birthday etc.


  5. Persian Man Says:

    Well, women always love a person who is present there to support them any time and everywhere when they need. Men must know what is likes and dislikes of their women and doing all the things liked by them with lots of love is going to work for sure. These small things are loved and placed on the top of all other things by women and a men must know this.


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