IAC Taking Over Yahoo Personals

Sun, Aug 15, 2010


IAC, operators of the Internet’s largest dating site Match.com, is taking over the management and administration of Yahoo’s dating section — formerly titled Yahoo Personals. The terms of the deal are rumored to entail a multi-year arrangement, but the economics of the transaction were not disclosed. This extends Match.com’s already huge reach within the online dating world, and according to Match.com CEO Greg Blatt, this partnership represents a “great deal” for his company. He also expounded upon the necessity of a large user base — the more users translates to the better odds of a user finding a good match. As a dating site grows it consequently becomes more effective.

Match.com is fighting off tough rivals in this ultra-competitive space including standby eHarmony and a new advertising blitz by Zoosk.com. Out of all of IAC’s many sites, Match.com has proven to be one of the most successful in terms of both economics and popularity. Dating sites provide a quantifiable and utilitarian service for its users, and current statistics show that singles under the age of 30 have a 25% likelihood of going on at least one date a month which was arranged online. Time will tell if Match.com is able to remain on top of the Internet dating mountain — history has shown that the throne within this difficult industry is hard to maintain.

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One Response to “IAC Taking Over Yahoo Personals”

  1. John Kyle Says:

    I have tried to get Match.com to stop sending me the daily emails. I haven’t nor do I ever intend to subscribe to the site. I will find out who made the bogus application and deal with that then. In the mean time, STOP sending this crap to my mail box.

    Best Regards
    John Kyle


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