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Quick Summary:

Value for money: 5/5 Features: 5/5 Design: 5/5 Member quality: 5/5

  • LavaPlace is an excellent dating site for singles.
  • It has easy-to-use features and is FREE.
  • Website design is clear and fuss-free.

The Full Story:

One of the most excellent dating sites on the web for singles is, where I was able to meet and chat up with a few eligible singles. There are many great features within this site but one of the best of them is the ability to browse available singles depending on city or depending on country. There are many dating sites on the web but only a very few offer good options when it comes to finding singles by location. Oftentimes, international dating websites only allow you to browse for singles on a per-country basis. However, with LavaPlace, you can choose to search for singles in other countries as well as in several cities within your resident country. So, whether you want to meet people who speak the same language that you do, or those which allow you to experience and appreciate a different culture, you can do so at LavaPlace.

Other interesting features of this dating site

There are many interesting features of this dating site, apart from the fact that you can easily search for singles by home city or country. Registration is pretty easy and you can complete the online form within short minutes. I was able to choose the age bracket I required when looking for female singles on the web. However, like many dating sites, you are required to have a valid email address prior to registering. You will also have the option of having photos of compatible singles emailed to you. I also appreciate the fact that LavaPlace emails their members with newsletters regularly, although this is optional. This way, I can get updated with the latest news and happenings on the site, even when I sometimes fail to log in on a daily basis.

The search option allows you to search for that particular single you are looking for. Do you prefer an 18-year old brunette who does not smoke? A voluptuous 28-year old who has green eyes? Or are you searching for a more mature date with whom you can form a casual relationship? I was able to easily search for eligible singles at this dating site and I was never disappointed by what I found. I appreciate the fact that I can choose singles who speak certain languages or those that don’t care what religion you are affiliated with. Once you have already filled out the search form, you will be able to choose the person that you are interested in, invite them to chat, or send them a private message. In my opinion, this is an excellent way to meet your match, without having to go through all the fuss.

The browse option allows you to click on a specific state in the United States or any city in Canada and Australia. You can also browse for singles per country. The Top 100 list allows you to view the most coveted singles on the site, depending on the number of views they got or the number of members who have added them to their list of favorites. Plus, you get to check out which members are already online at the dating site, so you can send them an instant message right that second.

Easy-to-navigate design

Since LavaPlace is designed for singles of all ages, the website design is also kept simple but very functional. Unlike other dating websites that appear cluttered, LavaPlace has chosen to keep things simple and organized. For someone like me who likes simpler things, the website design is a welcome plus. The layout is easy to navigate as well, and with just a single mouse click, I can get to nearly any desired web page without any trouble at all.

As another plus, LavaPlace also has a list of the best travel places around the world. Whether it’s exotic Greece or far away Russia, I get to read the comments from other members, such as where they are visiting, which restaurants they got to try, and which places are ideal for a vacation. Finally, the website has a useful Help section where all the Frequently Asked Questions are answered. If you are looking for a dating site that is easy to use, fun, and really effective, LavaPlace will not disappoint.

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19 Responses to “ review”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Perfect rating. I actually kinda expected it. Design wise, it’s perfect. The browsing part makes it easier to find my specific preference. Love the site


  2. Willian Says:

    Not bad, what do you think of and


  3. john doe Says:

    Lava Place is very overrated! I took out a full paid membership for a month to see what “luck” I got. Indeed, I did get a few responses here and there — mainly from web cam girls trying to rip me off after a period of grooming. In addition, I received two responses for a plea of help (after a period of emailing back and forth) from 2 beauties (both Caucasians) who turned out to be dodgy Nigerians on the look out for mugs like me. COME ON! Think! Such gorgeous women — do they REALLY need LavaPlace? I doubt it somehow!


    • Frank Spencer Says:

      Like all other sites Lavaplace has its fair share of bogus profiles, confused people and photos that don’t really tell the true story. You have to go through a lot of crap to find one nugget. I meet two woman recenlty who I think are bit mad and needs to be treated – perhaps being kind to them they may be autistic. They were both Russian and high maintenance and in public were very loud and over animated. They expect you to pay for everything as if they are coming as your mistress and yet want equality , respect, high quality men and your coat to be thrown on the puddle for them to walk over. Just be careful of these econimically motivated people.


      • J Muggins Says:

        Frank Spencer , I think we met the same women. I also met two Russian women who were a bit nuts. I was embarrased to be with one of them in a cafe as she was so animated and loud and everyone could here her. Looks like these two are doing the rounds and preying on victims and getting their freebees. They were indeed high maintenance and expecting coat over puddle.


    • Stephanie Says:

      I am totally disgusted with this site too. I was scammed by a guy who stole a poor man’s profile from Linked In
      The moroccan or Nigerian pretended he ws widowed and had a daughter to bring up, scum bag.
      That ws written by some english speaker on the internet cos he ws called Aman and could barely speak english in his msgs to me. Ws after my email address cos knew he’d be kicked off the site in a few days.
      Don’t waste money on this horrid site. The perverted options on there are horrid enough without it being full of men wanting to date women half their age or more and after sex talk or just plain scammers out to steal identies and money from people. I have reported so many on here it’s unreal in less than a mth and who the hell wrote that bull above on the site, what a laugh, obv someone who works for Lavaplace hahahahah


  4. db Says:

    I have tried this side for a long time now and I regret that I prepaid.
    I have had corresponce with many women almost in all europe. After a short time I found out, that many of the profiles are fake. The women write sweet words to get your attention. Then they continue untill you lose your heart and mind. I had this experience with 45 women. But only one out of 45 women was ready to talk with me on phone or send me more pictures. She was real. The others try to win your heart so they can easily get you to send them money for flight ticket and so on. Some of the profile were actually prostituts with noud pictures.
    I was not so stupid to send them money, but I really regret, that I have wasted so much time on faked women (maybe they were men).
    Find another dating-side


  5. pd Says:

    I am a completely “normal” 42 year old woman, divorced since 2007, and due to bringing up a child, I had not even really had a date since then. I went on Lavaplace, a very unusual thing for someone like me to do. (I have a normal job, life, friends, home of my own etc.and am not economically motivated in any way). A number of men sent me mails or virtual kisses etc., I replied only to one man, so imagine my surprise when we began to skype, really hit it off, met, got along well and are now in a steady and committed relationship. I think, that while it is a huge generalization, you gentlemen out there should probably stay away from ladies from the former USSR……. a lot of them seem to be scammers. But I assure you that there are lots of ladies out there seeking something genuine. By the way, I am not exactly a troll to look at either, just could not meet anyone through the “usual channels”.


  6. Mugginstoo Says:

    In my experience, the site is full of crazy Russain/Eastern block women looking for a free ride. Most of them can barely speak English and as someone already mentioned, preying on vulnerable men. They know the drill and execute well. One treid to black mail me be threatening to commit suicide when I didn’t want to pay for her anymore. They all have a sad story and a teenage son or may be it’s their agent – who knows. They have rather pathetic studio shots in beaches and indoors with soft lighting.

    All in all this is a terible site. Those who have said nice things about this site are probably part and paid. Effectively the women I encountered are taking their first baby steps towards Escorting. Stay away guys unless you are happy to pay for company and a bit of sex. I am deeply regretful for wasting so much time and money. I feel like a right tit.


  7. Norm d'Plume Says:

    1 Good point; I’ve met 3 very genuine and nice ladies from this site.
    2 You have to be VERY careful: if you join here. For example, never give out your e-mail address or IM id too quickly. Many scammers want to go to IM or e-mail immediately on trivial excuses, such as, “I won’t be on this site long,” the reason being that they know the site owners are going to kick them off. Most profiles are free, so there is no reason for a woman to leave the site quickly.
    3 The site owners don’t give a bugger about you! They usually don’t answer e-mail. They allow scammers kicked off today to come back on tomorrow. There is no moderation of profiles when they come on, so scammers are back sometimes the same day as they are kicked off! For example, I complained yesterday that a photo of the same girl appeared on 2 different profiles and that both profiles were on-line at the same time. In other words two different people are using the same girl’s photos. Today the same girl’s photos appears on 4 different profiles, all on-line at the same time!

    It’s a shame, because there are some, but not many, genuine people on this site.

    I have wondered if the site owners are part of the scams, as there seems to be no other good reason why they should upset their paying customers.

    So be very wary…


  8. troy Says:

    I do have to agree with all, both good and bad. I beleive to be genuine people out there that are looking for a relationship , friend , penpal,ect. And ofcourse,theres people out there that are just looking to spend some time with some one they dont know,over the net.and ofcourse theres the scammers, now if there men or women i dont think most of us will never find out. As i have been on lavaplace for well over a year now, but i have never payed. So as you can understand i cant get incontact with athers, but in the last one and a half years now i have been contacted by about 15 girls, probably more, by there emails on there profile. At the start i realy thourght there are girls out there that might be intrested in me, wow. Ofcourse i never had read any of these reviews, but on the ather hand i never would have sent any kind of money to someone i dont know or for any kind of reson. AND yes all at the start ended up with asking for money. If it was after one email to eachather or after 2 months of emailing, it came, help me with some money so i can came and see you and fix my visa, and another one asked for some money so she could pay her monthly internet fee,ofcourse this one lived in USA from the fotos?. Now if any girl contacts me my first email to her or him or it, says, im not on this dating site to pay or send money to anyone, but am here to try and find a relationship.
    I tell you people out there ,i have not been contacted again for some time.
    I wonder what that means.?
    But as i said at the start i know there are people out there that are for real, as i am..
    Thanks for taking your time to read this.


  9. Derek Says:

    I love this website…. just for the scammers. For some reason… now they all think its a good idea to claim to live in the USA. I spend about 30 minutes a day asking them questions about their “home town” in the USA. Of course they never answer because they have no clue what the town looks like, but its a lot of fun. As for as a dating website… I’d say that it is useless.


  10. natasha Says:

    in evrey international dating website you will find fake profiles and scammers! but you will also find genuine profiles of serius women who are looking for serius men, just be careful and dont ever give important information online (credit cards numbers, bank account etc…


  11. sami Says:

    rip with scammers. 10 replies not one of them honest, 3 had the same story, pictures were numerous all which could be found on Ghana scammers google search, images,.. all said there dad died, left them nothing living in Ghana need to get out, others played along with live photo’s but it was obvious they were trying to suck me in, if I asked questions regarding where they were from, they didn’t have answers, and got defensive, that’s a give away,.. stay away from this site


  12. Robert Says:

    I’ve met some genuine women on this site, but too many are not. The site does very little to discourage scammers. Out of the first 50 intenational matches on my profile today, 7 are regular scammers who come back often the same day they are kicked off the site. There’s at least one suspect scammer too. I suspect that the site owners are in on the scams. If you are very experienced at internet dating it’s a possibility but, otherwise, no.


  13. neomellisa Says:

    I can’t find my old account I forgot the details



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