Male vs Female Thought Processes in an Argument

Wed, Sep 23, 2009



26 Responses to “Male vs Female Thought Processes in an Argument”

  1. One Says:

    Women’s always right in making arguements. That’s priceless. Beat that!


  2. Carla Says:

    Hahaha! I just love how this diagram presented for men and women. I love the cry part for the women. It always involves one! Women are such drama queens, certified!


  3. Dusit Says:

    I’m glad women loves doing sex when men apologize. Men should never argue then!


  4. Jackman Says:

    Masturbate in peace! Haha! So true. This is to release the stress that has caused you upon some heating arguement.


  5. Poker Says:

    Women are always right. Yeah right! They deserve to go to hell anytime of the day!


  6. Dizon Says:

    The graph just nailed it! Loved it!


  7. Bottom Says:

    Men shouldn’t argue with women and apologize right away to avoid further discussions.


  8. Katrina Says:

    Masturbate in peace. How classic. This made my day 😉


  9. Aquila Says:

    love this!
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  10. Antenlystoolo Says:

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  11. True Love Says:

    LOL 🙂 somebody has actually made it into a chart, wow.


  12. Marriage Intimacy Says:

    LOL! Just found this. Wow… a chart!
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  13. Tim Says:

    This list is too funny. I love it right from the start. Are you right? And the women has no “no” choice. Love it!
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  14. Ncman Says:

    Meeting a lady from Canada and Falling in love, I want to say that was a great time until your 6 months are up. You see there is a law that you can only be in that country for that amout of time unless you work or go to school there. Good luck!


  15. Ncman Says:

    I have found that in a argument, the reponce you make takes about three days for a woman to process. It wares me out. I wonder how close the chart is?
    Ncman´s last blog post ..Business Analyst- Build your Credibility


  16. Ed12345 Says:

    Dose this mean that if I go up to random women and cause arguments, and then appoligise I will get laid by any lady I choose! I’m going to go try this out! “Hey lady you ain’t so pretty” she screams “oh yes I am” I say “I am so sorry, I was distracted by something shiny, it’s all my fault, you are amazing, let’s make love”


  17. Save The Marriage Says:

    Its True..Hahaha..Can’t Agree More 🙂


  18. u4fifa Says:

    You started it !



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