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Quick Summary:

Value for money: 4/5 Features: 3/5 Design: 4/5 Member quality: 4/5

  • The design and layout are clean and simple. The colors complement the site’s logo.
  • There are two main kinds of search. You can use the one that reflects your priorities.
  • You really have to sign up to get the full experience. Without paying a fee your contact with other members is heavily restricted.
  • The site lacks some standard features (e.g. live chat, forums) that could help users get to know more about their prospective dates.

The Full Story

If you want to get up and running on the online dating scene in no time at all, is a good choice. Unlike many of its competitors, this dating site has a very short registration form. Of course, once you are a member of, you may spend a lot of time building your profile, but it’s nice to be able to begin without devoting a whole afternoon to typing and mouse-clicking.

In the profile questionnaire, you specify your physical attributes and your personal preferences. This will allow you to be better matched up with the site’s other members. Every day, you will receive your personal “daily 5.” These members are the top 5 “matches” generated according to the information you have shared with the site. Of course, you don’t have to rely on these mechanical results. You can simply use the search function to try to locate the girl or guy of your dreams.

Searching can be done in two ways. First, you can search by standard criteria. This means that you specify things like if you are looking for a girl or a guy, what age range interests you, location, and whether or not matches must have a photo uploaded. The second type of search makes use of a matching word. You type in a word or phrase that reflects the kinds of things you’re after–for example, if you are athletic, you can search for the words “exercise” or “gym” to find likeminded souls. I found the matching word search is more helpful, as it makes it easy to quickly get right at the prime requirements of your ideal match, without having to sift through a lot of people you’re never going to be interested in.

Other features

A great feature of is that you can look for someone who has been looking for “you”. How does it work? Basically there are pre-established searches you can select which aim to look for people who have been looking for persons matching your description. So you don’t have to wait for that other person to find you–you can easily him or her. In many cases, this kind of functionality will allow you to cut the search process short. And I’m sure the other person will be surprised to find his or her dream match also interested in him or her.

Basic membership to is free. Full membership comes at a cost. What that cost is can vary considerably based on how many months you want to pay for at once. It could be as much as $40 for a single month’s membership, whereas if you pay for six months at once you will effectively reduce that monthly cost to $21. One problem with is that you don’t really get much for your free membership. You only get to flirt through “winks”. If you want any greater ability to communicate with members, you need to subscribe. Subscription allows you to send and receive messages. Isn’t that what you’re really on the site for, anyway? If you were just looking for photos of people to stare at, you could buy a celebrity gossip magazine. Subscription to the site also allows you to see who has been checking you out. I think it would be better if you could see who has become interested in you without having to subscribe—I think it’d be in the site’s interest as well as the user’s.

Site layout

The layout and design are clean, and the site colors reflect those of the logo. The focus here is placed squarely on the members and not on the web design. However, there are some fairly standard features that are obviously lacking. Aside from “winks” and email, there are no other ways of interacting with other members from within the site. There are no forums and no live chat function that will allow you to make the experience more “real” before you physically meet that special someone. is like a speed-dating site without the chitchat and face-to-face interaction. In a short period of time, you can get to see thousands of photos and read the personality profiles of dozens of possible matches. It is up to you if you want to pursue any of them further. In real life, you can invite someone on a second date to delve more deeply into their personality; on, you have to pay for the privilege.

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17 Responses to “ review”

  1. Donna Says:

    No live chat functions. Hmmm.. I think they have overlooked that. I love it when I interact with the other users right away. Otherwise, site looks good to me.


  2. Taylor Says:

    So long as the layout is clean, that’s pretty much good to me. Kudos to the developer of this site. Thumbs up!


  3. Tom Says:

    I like the site. I’m a member here. So far, I haven’t encountered any problems with the site naigation so I’m giving them 4 of 5.


  4. Yum Says:

    Nice site. I’ll check this out soon and let you know my inputs. Looks good to me though.


  5. Jake Says:

    I love the feature where you would know if someone’s looking for you. That way I could find my long lost friend and get to reconnect with them. Nice one.


  6. Carlene Says:

    Great review on the site. I will check the site soon and see if I like it then I’ll sign up.


  7. Michael Says:

    Speed dating sites these days are everywhere. I’ll try to sign up here and hopefully I’ll find what I’m looking for.


  8. Carl Says:

    Nice site if you want to flirt with lots of girls. helps you find your match indeed.


  9. Luci Says:

    Awww.. I nee to pay for me to get the full experience. Oh well, you really get what you pay for.


  10. Green Meadow Says:

    They must include the chat part, if in that case, I’ll give them 3 out of 5 for review.


  11. David Says:

    Your review is accurate. I personally like the site and enjoy its features. The developers must have doe their research well. Great site!


  12. Heart Says:

    I like the design of the site. Simple and fast loading.


  13. Paulo Says:

    I ust don’t like this part: You really have to sign up to get the full experience. Without paying a fee your contact with other members is heavily restricted. Just my 2 cents.


  14. anonymous Says:

    It doesn’t matter that it comes down to $21 per month. What matter is that $21×6=$126 that you have to pay all at once NOW!!!! That’s a HUNDRED AND TWENTY SIX DOLLARS. Imagine how much stuff can be bought with that money, and that fact is guaranteed, unlike you meeting someone on Now, ladies and gentleman, I ask you.. Who in their right mind would throw out $126 like that? I rather spend this money on workout equipment. That will definitely improve my chances with ladies at least by a little.


  15. Brian Says:

    I joined and subscribed for 1 month. If was a reputable company, they would do the honorable thing and cancel a person’s subscription after the one month period ends. This is not the case. does not cancel your subscription but continues to bill you month after month until you manually go into your account and cancel it yourself.

    After being billed for a second month, I called up customer service and explained to them that I only signed up for 1 month and did not wish to be billed for another month. I continued to ask that my money from the second month be credited to my bank account. They told me that they have no way of keeping track of how long a person has been active for and it was in the terms of my contract before signing up. Therefore, they cannot refund my money for the second month.

    Being the largest dating site in world, one would think has enough money to hire a computer programmer to write up some code that keeps track of this and sends out an email after 30 days (or however long a person signs up for) that contains a link that directs you to opting to cancel your subscription. It sounds to me like the technology is readily available, but it would be more profitable to the company if they keep this message hidden in the terms of the contract.
    I am also looking in the Pros and Cons underneath the “Share Your Opinion” section. The 3rd con from the bottom reads “Cost to Much.” It should be spelled “too.” The sixth con reads “May Be A Bit Overhelming.” Maybe if you payed a bit more attention to the details of your website, people would want to remain active members so you wouldn’t have to come up with ways to scam them out of their money. It is overWhelming to me how the management of operate. It would be a great idea for them to take a class in ethics. is run by a group of greedy and immoral people and highly recommend avoiding this website at all costs.


  16. mingle2 Says:

    lol at the comment above.


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