Must Have App For Girls Who Date Creepy Guys

Sun, Jun 13, 2010


The majority of those under 25 who are dating now use one of the multiplicity of online dating sites which now proliferate the Internet. Online dating has many benefits including ease and increased selection of potential dates, however, it does have downsides including inevitable encounters with guys of the creepy variety. So what steps should a girl take when her date sets off her creep-o-meter when he arrives? If you’re in Canada — there’s an app for that. Distributed via iTunes by the YWCA of Canada, this app is named the Safety Siren.

The app has a variety of functions. To start, by hitting the “safe date” function a wealth of information pertaining to keeping yourself safe during a first date is at your fingertips. The “health 101” icon will bring up detailed information answering any and all questions regarding safe sex. The “dating 101” button brings up the YWCA’s guide to guys — quantifying male behavior within an app menu seems a bit ambitious, but in this arena any tidbit of wisdom can only serve to help.

Should things go wrong, a pink “siren” button will set off a loud wailing siren sound — this can also be triggered by shaking your phone so be careful you don’t accidentally set it off at exactly the wrong moment — should the date go really well. The app also contains geolocation technology which will pinpoint your location and send messages to your pre-determined Date Emergency contact list — for the worst case scenarios.

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