No, She’s Not Real: Fake Facebook Dating Ads

Wed, Aug 18, 2010


Odds are that you’ve been bombarded with dating site ads adorning the right side of your Facebook page with come-ons such as “Meet Her Tonight!!”. Of course, the pictures in all of these ads are of stunning girls — most often in casual poses or in a self-shot style attempting to lend them an aura of credibility. Are these pictures of actual members of the dating site being advertised, and does the chick in the picture really want to meet you?? The answers are no — and no. These ads are run by third party advertisers, and they notoriously scrape pictures of good looking women to use for ads who have nothing to do with their site. There is one famous story of a guy seeing his own girlfriend pop up in an ad on his Facebook page.

The amusing part is that these ads are most typically targeted for the user. If your profile indicates that you are a single 20-something guy, then you will receive a constant stream of these dating ad sites with hotties invitingly beckoning you to join so they can meet you. Alternatively, if you sign up as a 55 year old female, then those dating ads will disappear only to be replaced by ads for wrinkle cream and crochet patterns. In what Facebook users considered to be a serious invasion of privacy, outside marketers would view profiles and specifically craft ads with pictures meant to appeal directly to you. If the girls were real that might be ok, but seeing they are fake that advertising approach is just plain creepy.

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