Online Dating Assistants?

Sat, Aug 21, 2010


The Washington Post recently ran an expose about a new service which offers online daters — mostly male — a turnkey service allowing for dating without any of the antecedent effort. These online dating assistants will craft your profiles, select your best pictures and make contact with your targets initiating winks, IM’s and emails. These services range in price, but one salient one has packages quoted at $600 a month for 3 dates and $1000/month for a guarantee of at least 6 dates a month. The employees of the online dating assistant firm — like all true salesmen — are paid commission only for dates successfully arranged. Many are surely gagging at this concept and wondering how one is supposed to step into the shoes created by another once you meet your date in person.

It is reminiscent of the plot line of the classic movie The Truth About Cats And Dogs where a male caller develops a relationship with a female radio show host — which doesn’t translate in real life. The Washington Post piece mentions that many “high powered” types have long had their personal assistants or secretaries arrange Internet dates for them, and they see nothing wrong with this service allowing for effective time management. Others think that online dating is artificial even when the participants don’t employ “stand-ins”. One wonders if the scenario has ever happened where one online dating assistant representing a guy runs into another one representing the girl. That would give new meaning to the phrase “i’ll have my people call your people”.

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