Thu, Oct 28, 2010


This is so unlike me. So last night was my second date with Leonardo, and I ended up drinking a little too much. I am a real lightweight — 3 cosmos was all it took. He took me to a really nice Italian restaurant, and then we went to a lounge for some drinks. I shouldn’t blame it on the alcohol, but I ended up spending the night at his place. That is totally unlike me (save for a few indiscretions during my college years). It just happened. So when I called my friend Cathy and told her, she told me sleeping with a guy on a second date is no big deal and I shouldn’t feel guilty. But, I still do. I’m not a prude or anything, but my past several boyfriends took several months to get to that point with me. So I’m partly scared that “Leonardo” will now think I’m a slut, but he called me within minutes of me leaving his condo and asked me out again.

Speaking of which, he had a really nice place and must be doing quite well — doing whatever he does, I still can’t figure it out. So I had a date scheduled with my other match from eHarmony — I call him “Gordon”. I feel bad, but I cancelled it telling him that I had a ton of studying and that we had to do it at another time. I didn’t fully blow him off, but I’m sure he’s not happy with me and probably won’t call me again. Oh well. So I really like Leonardo, but there is still something about him that I can’t figure out. I’m usually pretty good at figuring out people, but he is a challenge. Maybe I should have figured him out before I slept with him! I’ll come back here after our next date and give y’all the details — good or bad.


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