How to Avoid Bad or Unsuccessful First Dates

Sun, Mar 9, 2014


They say first impressions make or break you; so is the case with first dates. Some do get a second chance, but it’s always the first date that leaves a mark. Getting jittery when it comes to first dates is only normal; hence making obvious blunders come with the territory. Here is how to avoid making those mistakes without designing flashy banners for memory. Read thoroughly before you head out for yours to save up on an embarrassed day of meeting someone new. Make it perfect, just as you’d want it to be!

Men Keep In Mind:

  1. Leave that bad breath at home. Your bad breath in a first date will make sure you do not get a second date.

  2. When it comes to body odor well let’s just say you can either have it or the girl sitting in front of you.

  3. Dress for the occasion. If you turn up in a sweatshirt and running shoes, you might as well run home.

  4. Do not mention any of your exes, its history and she is not interested.

  5. Talking just about you comes off as arrogance. And arrogance is not attractive.

  6. Checking out other women is a crime in a first date.

  7. Mind table manners and chew with mouth closed.

  8. Never be overtly touchy feely in a first date, it will tell her that all you want is to sex her up not spoon and cuddle.

  9. Be nice to everyone around. It will let her know that you were brought up by nothing less than a queen.

  10. Limit your alcohol intake; you do not want her to judge you on the basis of your drunken split personality when she barely knows you.

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Women Guard Your Lines:

  1. Dress sexy not slutty, you want him to respect you not lust you.

  2. Makeup is a department you must go subtle on for a first date. Don’t go all au naturale, but keep it to minimum.

  3. Let your hair down, boys will like to imagine running their finger through your hair as you kiss.

  4. Wear fragrance, choose one that’s light yet lingers on for long and makes you feel good.

  5. I said this for the boys likewise for the girls – do not get drunk. Drink responsibly, then at least if the date doesn’t go well you can head home on your own.

  6. Avoid mentioning exes at all costs. It tells that you are still not over him or them and no guy wants to date a girl who lives in the past.

  7. Do not trash talk about anyone. It’s your first meeting, pulling out negative traits will chase the guy away.

  8. Do not talk and put it all out there just yet. Leave something for him to imagine, build curiosity upon.

  9. Offer to chip in for the bill. It will present you as a modern, independent women and that is sexy.

  10. Be yourself, it is not an interview. If you enjoy your time he will like you even more. Who doesn’t like a girl who can let her guard down and relax.

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Jenny Corteza is a big fan of Bollywood movies. She has a huge collection of the most loved and celebrated ones and defines them as her most prized possession. By profession, she is a graphic designer and tries to work on projects that let her come up with the best infographic design.


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Do You Want A Relationship Or Just A Distraction?

Sun, Feb 16, 2014


Are you really looking for a relationship or are you just in the market for a temporary distraction from your life? The answer to this question is important if you’re serious about finding love. Knowing exactly what you want from a partner is the only way you’re going to be able to actually work toward getting what you want rather than settling for what people give you. To help, we’ve put together a list of questions that you should ask yourself before you jump into the dating game.

Relationship or Distraction?

Here’s a list of some questions you need to ask yourself before you begin dating so that you can make sure you find what you want and need.

  • Am I Ready to Settle Down? – One of the very first questions you need to ask yourself is whether or not you’re ready to settle down if you do find the person that’s best for you. This isn’t always an easy question to answer, but you want to make sure you’re as honest as possible before you start dating.

  • Can I Put the Other Person in Front of Me? – Being selfless is another part of being in a serious relationship. If you’re not able to put someone else’s feelings in front of your own, it’s a clear sign that you’re just wanting a distraction or some fun rather than a real relationship.

  • What Do I Want in a Relationship? – Before you begin looking at the dating pool, you want to sit down and make sure you understand what exactly you’re looking for in a relationship. Whether it’s romance and adventure or stability and affection, knowing what you want before you begin looking will help you find the right person.

There are many other questions you need to ask yourself, but the three above should get you thinking about what you should be considering before you start dating other people. There’s a really good chance that you may be looking for a real relationship. And if this is the case, you’re going to want to make sure you take the steps necessary to find someone that is compatible – someone who’s looking for a relationship themselves – so you don’t end up out in the cold or hurt by them.

Once you do get into a relationship, you’re going to need to work hard to keep it going good. If you’re really serious about keeping your relationship going great, you might think about taking a hands-on remedial massage course so that you can help your partner relax and feel better without hurting them. This is a great way to show that you’re serious about a relationship and not just messing around. Not many people are willing to work to show their partner that they’re in it for the long haul, so taking a class to help them is a great way to show your commitment.

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5 Steps To Bring Back The Spark, Spice And Love In Your Relationship

Sun, Feb 2, 2014


5 Steps To Bring Back The Spark, Spice And Love In Your Relationship


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Relationships especially between a male and a female figure have always been the controversial kind. You must have read zillions of articles by expert authors on the same too. However, no man or woman on the face of this each can live without one either. Relationships are something a person can rely on and have companion for the rest of his or her life which is why a relationship between a couple is considered so important to have at least once for every man and women.


Relationships are hard to maintain due to the fact that two people have to comprehensively accept each other and the lifestyle of their partner. It may lead to different arguments and misunderstandings however the couples who wish to really make it work do so by using a couple of simple tips. Many relationships have been broken off entirely only because one person in the relationship fails to understand his or her partner’s views.


In order to avoid big controversies and groundbreaking arguments, both the figures in the relationship should work towards the spark, spice and love in their relationship. This is the essential secret to the success of all relationships whether the couple is new in their commitment or has been in the same commitment for years.


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Below are 5 steps of making it work for both sides and bringing back the much wanted spark, spice and love between two individuals:


  1. Find and understand the physical and psychological needs of a partner. By initiating the process of what the other half expects from his or her partner, a person can work towards satisfying those needs as well. This not only brings back the spark and spice between a couple but also brings a fresh feeling back to both sides as well.


  1. Present gifts to each other on a regular basis. When a partner gives a gift to his loved one, it instantly gives an impression of love and care since a certain amount of money spent ensures commitment and longevity in a relationship. A perfect choice of gift for a female partner is jewelry. If a person is restricted financially, he can venture into Wholesale Costume Jewelry in order to save money and buy something of value at the same time for his loved one.


  1. Provide a constant reminder of the love a person has for his or her partner. By doing so a person takes control of his or her relationship, indicating to the other person that he or she is still sincere in their feelings. Simple acts and words of emotions can go an extra mile between two people such as telling the other person “I love you” every morning. This enables the partner to realize what he or she is missing out on.


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  1. Put more effort and time into the relationship. The spark and spice of a relationship is usually killed with not being able to work towards the commitment or by not giving the desired amount of time to the other person. With more efforts and time put into the relationship a person can develop new feelings amongst both the personnel who want to stick to the relationship.


  1. Do something new for the partner. By doing something new, whether it is an intimate act or a act of kindness, a person is bringing back the relationship to life. This makes the partner intimately connected with the other person hence giving a new meaning to the relationship.


There are many couples who lose out on a great relationship because they simply fail to work in small ways towards building their relationship or bringing back the spice which they once had in their relationship. For this purpose, a person should sit down and evaluate his or her options and follow the above simple steps to improve their relationship.


Author’s bio: Sara Bane is working as a professional consultant providing reputation management tips for all kinds of professionals and personnel. She also spends a lot of time on finding the tips to improve her personal life.  


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