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Quick Summary:

Hookup potential: 4/5 Features: 5/5 Design: 4/5 Content: 4/5

  • PerfectMatch is geared towards facilitating serious relationships that will potentially end up in marriage or long-term commitments.
  • This very professional site aims to scientifically match couples with common characteristics.
  • The communication features work well to help you separate potential mates from those who probably won’t work out.

The Full Story: has been a leading online dating and relationship service since 2003. It bills itself as the best online dating site for adults who are seeking successful, lasting relationships. Like Chemistry and eHarmony, PerfectMatch boasts a proprietary, computerized system for determining a member’s compatibility with others, one based on over 35 years of research. The site/system is aimed squarely at the “serious dater”, seekers of casual hookups need not apply.

The heart of the service, as alluded to, is PerfectMatch‘s “Duet Total Compatability System.” This system leverages over 30 years of relationship research by Dr. Pepper Schwartz to help date-seekers find someone that they are the most highly compatible with on as many levels as possible. Unlike other sites that take the same “compatibility” approach, will allow you to search user profiles and initiate contact independently.

PerfectMatch has had some high-profile mainstream media exposure, including being featured in the popular film “Must Love Dogs,” in which the protagonist, played by John Cusack, borrows a dog so he can date a woman whose PerfectMatch profile specifies that her “perfect match,” must love dogs.

In terms of the site’s free/pay functionality, with a free membership you can

  • Upload photos
  • Create a user profile
  • Send “icebreaker” questions to initiate contact
  • Perform custom searches

The core demographic of members is people from 20-40 years old looking for serious, long term relationships (including marriage) in the United States. Because each member is required to complete a (very!) lengthy personality profile (using the “Duet Total Compatability System” mentioned earlier), you can see exactly how and where you are compatible with each of your potential matches. This reduces the frustration factor of performing a search only to find that people’s brief profiles don’t tell you much you want to know about the individual in the picture.

If you see someone you’re really interested in, you’ll almost certainly want to convert to a paid PerfectMatch membership, which will allow you to email or IM that person directly. “Casual” paid membership is a bit pricey at $59.95/month, but worth it when you consider the advantages of meeting only people that you are likely to be truly compatible with. The monthly price kicks down considerably if you sign up for a longer membership:

  • A 3-month membership is just $33.32/month
  • A 6-month membership is only $26.66/month
  • Sign up for a year at the low price of $20.83/month!

When you near the end of your subscription, it is important to remember that you ought to cancel your membership if you’ve met someone. You can always reactivate your paid membership at a later time. If you do not cancel, your credit card will automatically be billed on a monthly basis (at the rate for which you signed up) at the end of your membership. Cancelliation is easy and hassle-free, however. deals currently include a 7-day free trial of the site’s paid membership services, and a two-month free trial (TV promotion). Start finding people with the free trial today and find someone special!

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15 Responses to “ review”

  1. Rhianna Says:

    I’m on my 3rd day on the 7-day free trial site membership period. So far, I’m enjoying receiving the perks and features of Perfectmatch.


  2. Patio Says:

    Site is best to me. The best online dating site for adults to date who are seeking successful, lasting relationships.


  3. FB User Says:

    Sending “icebreaker” questions to initiate contact is a good one. Membership fee is but tempting!


  4. Lefty Says:

    Nice concept on the duet total compatability system. People are sucker for love these days and having this site might solve their problems on looking for the right relationship. Kudos to Dr. Pepper Schwartz for a job well done.


  5. Piolo Says:

    I took the 7 day trial from this site and I say, I’m getting a full paid membership. It’s a kick-ass site btw!


  6. Roi Says:

    Not bad for a 3 month membership. I might get the 6th month though. Site totally rocks to me!


  7. Pepper Says:

    $20.83 is not bad for a good site. I’d definitely sign up here.


  8. Chris Says:

    PerfectMatch membership, which will allow you to email or IM that person directly. “Casual” paid membership is a bit pricey at $59.95/month.

    That’s one hell of a pricey man. Me thinks that’s not worth the price. Oh well, if site is one hell of a kick ass, then it’s pretty much worth it.


  9. Barn Says:

    It’s one of the best adult dating sites ever. Been a member of this site ever since it started.


  10. Rhianna Says:

    I have tried the 7 day free trial of the site and I say, it’s worth it! So far, I have found my special someone here and hopefully it will last.


  11. Janice Says:

    “Casual” paid membership is a bit pricey at $59.95/month. Yes, it’s a bit pricey. They should have lowered it coz there are a lot of social networking sites that don’t require that much membership fee.


  12. Santino Says:

    Compatibility is one big issue over relationship. Oh well, fortunately from this site, I’ve found my match and I owe them biggie for that.


  13. Havannah Says:

    I’m satisfied with the free service already. Love this site much! The ice-breaker feature is a total kick ass!


  14. Tempre Says:

    Signed up for a year. Site works prefectly fine to me. I’m enjoying site’s features, not to mention the members are darn hot!


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