Rethinking Dinner as a First Date

Fri, Oct 1, 2010


We have been told that going out for a fancy dinner is the ideal date setting for many years now, but is it right for every situation? Depending on what stage a relationship is in, what the couple is like, and what the dating history is, the night might call for changing things up and breaking the dinner date mold.

On a first date, many people like the predictable atmosphere of going out to dinner as a chance to sit down, chat, and get to know someone. Is that really the best way? A creative date can often be much more revealing about a person, and much more revealing about what it would be like to date that person.

If you took a dance class together, put together a creative project, or did some other cooperative activity, you get a direct window into how the person acts in real life situations. It can also loosen someone up more than the formality of a fancy restaurant.

Another thing is that a dinner basically commits you to a whole night with the person, whether or not you hit it off. It can often be better to go for coffee, desert, or a drink first and see how it goes. If you get along, then go ahead and go out to eat without the risk of putting yourself in an awkward situation. It will make it much more rewarding when you do finally have a dinner date the right way with the right person.

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