Simple Rules When It Comes To Dating And Sex

Tue, Aug 24, 2010


Opinions about sex and dating are like belly buttons — everyone has one. Many admonitions and advice about when, where and how sex is appropriate during the initial stages of a relationship turn out to be old wives’ tales, and it is often to discern good advice out of the abundance of myths and misinformation. When it comes to sex on the first date, many say this immediately dooms the relationship. This is untrue — there are myriad happily married couples who happened to have hooked up during their first date. In actuality, seeing we are all unique, there are no firm and fast rules when it comes to when sex is appropriate — that depends upon the individuals as well as the characteristics of their specific relationship.

One thing that is true is that women can’t be as carefree about sex as men can be. This has societal and biological causes, and both parties should be cognizant of this fact. Women who date guys who tend to sleep around with a lot of women probably will not change — at least not immediately. Most importantly, women should not use sex as a motivator or weapon within a relationship. Outside of these general parameters, the details of how intimacy progresses within a relationship is unique to that relationship — what works with one partner might not work with a future one. Having sex early on in a relationship is not a problem in and of itself — the problem usually lay in how the parties behave after the initial sexual encounter. Take a moment and understand that no matter what you read or hear, there are only a few simple rules when it comes to this arena and the rest you must figure out on your own.

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