Sleeping With Him On The First Date Can Make You A Crazy Bitch

Wed, Jul 7, 2010


Research has shown that there are biological reasons behind much of our behavior. This is especially salient within the world of dating and relationships. The brain regulates your love life using a veritable cocktail of chemicals. Upon meeting someone who you find attractive, your system releases norepinephrine and dopamine. These chemicals serve to create a sense of elation along with nervousness, loss of appetite and sleeplessness. Both genders experience these emotions during the initial stages of attraction, and the hormonal pattern which arises at this time interestingly resembles that which is seen in OCD patients. This helps explain the propensity to obsessively think about your partner during the earliest stages of the relationship.

After the first sexual encounter, the biological response diverges widely between the genders. Women release far more of the chemical oxytocin as compared to men. This chemical is released by your system immediately after the first time you are intimate with a given partner, and it is responsible for triggering emotional bonding. This same chemical has also been shown to contribute to the development of attachment to a new puppy or other pet. Unfortunately, oxytocin when first introduced to the body has a very strong initial effect, especially with females. This goes to explain why many females can become anywhere from clingy to stalkerish — in relatively short order — should sex occur on the first date. Their reduced levels of oxytocin spares men this same fate.

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