Strange Dating Custom In Japan

Sat, Jul 3, 2010

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Some customs and trends in Japan can be a bit — strange. The above example of a vending machine costume used by Japanese women to avoid contact with potentially threatening men is but one illustration. When it comes to courtship within Japanese society, there is one factor which serves as a primary point of consideration when it comes to choosing who to date — your potential partner’s blood type. Whereas most Americans and Europeans would be hard pressed to even answer what their own blood type is, in Japan this bit of information is almost as important as what kind of car you drive when dating in Los Angeles.

The Japanese view one’s blood type as an accurate predictor of their personality and future prospects in life. This fixation and superstition surrounding blood types in Japan is akin to picking a date because of a Horoscope sign in America — however, far more people in Japan lend credence to this belief as opposed to Westerners who let astrology guide their decisions. The Japanese think that blood type A equates to an artistic personality, and type B’s are easy going and convivial. Those with type AB are thought to have split personalities — obviously putting them at a disadvantage when seeking a date. In Japan, a type A – type B relationship is viewed as incompatible — many refuse to even attempt to date outside of their blood type. If a man with the wrong blood type approaches — you can always hide in your vending machine.

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