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Quick Summary:

Hookup potential: 4/5 Features: 4/5 Design: 3/5 Content: 4/5

  • Excellent site for sugar daddies and sugar babes to get to know each other
  • Complete suite of communication tools including email and live chat
  • Good search and filtering features
  • Lots of original content
  • Does not filter out members of the gender which I am not looking for by default

The Full Story:

Sugar Daddy for Me is a great site where sugar daddies can look for their sugar babes and vice versa. Those these are the main sorts of relationships the site targets, other kinds of user are catered for, including sugary mommies, a gay sugar daddies, male sugar babies, men looking for extramarital affairs, and women looking for extramarital relationships.

The home page is quite simple but there are several particularly good features. A prominent one is the Control Panel where one can do various things like checking mail, saving search results, managing favorites, making changes to profile information, managing videos and pictures, previewing one’s gallery and profile, checking on who is online, and accessing the site through an iPhone.

Checking who is online is a very important feature because you are able to see those members whom you can chat with. One niggle I have with the site, though, is that I specifically indicated in my profile that I am looking for sugar babes–why then does it show me pictures of men in my search results when I have made it clear that I am looking for women? The site does explain that the first list is not filtered; I just don’t think this is a sensible default.

In the Quick Search feature, I can specify more details regarding the person whom I am looking for by indicating whether she is a sugar babe or a sugar mommy, an age range, and a location. I can also specify that the site will only show those members who have uploaded their photographs. In the Advanced Search feature, I can be more detailed in specifying other features, such as body type, marital status, and race. I agree that this functionality could be helpful but there are plenty of other features that could be added to permit me to further refine the search.

Another way to look for possible dates is through the Browse category in the menu bar on the top of the page. This category is divided into New Members, Most Viewed, In Your Area, and New Photos. If I want to search only among the newbies, I can click on New Members. (This time, it appeared that filtering has been conducted based on my preferences. Only sugar babes were shown.) The regretful aspect of the site I quickly realized by searching is that many of the new members do not have profile pictures. Possibly this is understandable–they are new to the site, but I do not believe that it would take a long time to get a digital photo and upload it to the Internet.

Another problem that I have with the Browse category is that there is no provision for instant messaging here even for those who are online. I have to click on the Online Now link on the upper right corner and then find the specific person again. This is very inconvenient. To add insult to injury, this particular tool shows all of those who are online and does not filter out members that should not be there (such as men) because I am looking for young sugar babes.

Anyway, you may also look for your date among the most popular members in the Most Viewed subsection of the Browse category. They are subdivided based on four age ranges. In the New Photos subsection, you are able to see the pictures that have been recently uploaded. The In Your Area subsection is for searching the membership database for a particular age range, Zip code, and gender. A map is shown and the locations of these members are tagged on the map.

Meanwhile, email messaging is also a great tool to use in looking for possible dates. The advantage of email is that even if a member is not online, you can still send a message to her. However, a more helpful feature here could have been the inclusion of the photo of the email sender.

All in all though, this is a great site for sugar daddies meeting sugar babes and vice versa. If it sounds like you, check it out.

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5 Responses to “ review”

  1. Pat Says:

    Complete suite of communication tools including email and live chat. Now this site is a total kick ass! Ways to go dirty old men!


  2. Florencia Says:

    LOL. I have a thing for sugar daddies though. Love the site!


  3. Ryan Says:

    I’m looking for sugar mommies out there whom can help with my finances. Well hung guy here.


  4. Arlan Says:

    I never knew there’s site that caters to sugar daddies. I think I belong to this category. LOL.


    • Patria Says:

      Good for you. I’m one hot sugar momma and maybe we can hang out anytime soon? What’s your account in this site? 🙂


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