The Age Of Your Date Can Affect How Long You Live

Tue, Jul 13, 2010

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Researchers in Germany have just established that your projected life span can be affected by the age differential between you and your mate. Their study indicated that women who “date younger” tend to die earlier. In fact, the more the age difference in an older woman/younger man relationship translates to increased risk that the woman will suffer premature death as well as a variety of other ailments. These include strokes, heart disease and even cancer. While it is hard to peg a reason behind this phenomenon, it possibly could relate to the stress of keeping up with a younger spouse and constant worry that he may be cheating with a younger rival.

However, this rationale is shot down by further findings emanating from this study. When the opposite situation was studied — older men coupling with younger women — the men in these relationships tended to outlive their peers who were in more “age appropriate” relationships. Furthermore, women who date older men suffered no adverse health effects as compared to other women who date guys their own age. What could explain this disparity? Possibly, the joy of being with a younger girl serves to help the health of sugardaddy types whereas the stigma of being a cougar serves to hurt their health. Google recently created a stir when it banned ads for “cougar” dating sites. Maybe they were just doing it as an altruistic step to help women’s health.

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  1. Queenie Says:

    Well damn, there goes my ‘cougar’ option!


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