The Best Things about Being In Love

Thu, Jan 28, 2010


Love–it has inspired millions of people throughout history. If you go back to famous art and literature of the past, most of it is inspired by love, whether by its tragedy or its joys. Love sparks a great rush of emotion in any human being’s life. It gives people a reason to live; it inspires and motivates. They say all things grow with love, whether it’s watering your plants or spending quality time with your loved one.

What’s so great about falling in love, anyway?

The best thing about being in love for me is that it brings color and excitement to life. Most of us have had that feeling before, and it’s something that can give you a million reasons to live. Being in love makes you live outside of yourself, living and pleasing another individual to find your own happiness. Love also teaches us how to be more giving and make sacrifices. More than often we will go out of our way just to make our special someone happy. In their happiness, we accomplish our own happiness as well.

Love is also known to have the power to change the most unchangeable of people. We hear many stories about so and so being like this in the past and suddenly changing for the better. I used to know a guy who was the real scrubby type; he had no concern of how he looked or acted in front of others, whatsoever. This changed when he fell in love. We would usually see him all cleaned up, a lot more courteous to people, and other things.

I also know a guy who never had a romantic bone in his body. He was typically one of the boys; someone you would never think of falling in love. He did change, and this change came from someone he just met a few months back.

Love can’t be measured, but it can definitely be seen or felt. It is also so powerful that it not only affects the people directly involved, but the people around them as well.

Have you ever lost your best friend to another person because they were in love? It does hurt, but if you think more about it, you couldn’t really complain about it since you can see for yourself that your friend is having the time of his life.

When in love, you find more of yourself through another person. You find satisfaction in being with them, pleasing them, doing things together. The challenge of love is trying to have two totally different people live in unison with each other. If this is accomplished, then you have sacrificed yourself, your whole being, your whole humanity, all for someone else. This starts to evolve as you start to learn how to live for others, as it becomes a lifetime commitment for you.

When you start to have a family, you learn how to live for your children, and as they grow older, your responsibilities grow even more. It gets difficult, but it’s very satisfying when accomplished. This is what love teaches us, self sacrifice.

As you go back to history, you will notice that millions of men and women have died in the name of love. Some people have died for the love of their country; others have died for their love in their beliefs. Some people have given up their lives for the people they love. This is the greatest thing we can learn from love.

The best thing about it is that, it is not something you think about before you do, but something more of an impulse, a feeling, an emotion. This is much more powerful than all the teaching taught in the history of mankind.

I can say that the best thing about being in love is that it expands our humanity. It makes us complete, and that is what being human is really about. Not living for your own existence, but being a part of something much bigger. “I” becomes “you,” your erroneous zones of selfishness and greed start to deteriorate as you learn how to live for others. This is the best thing that love has to offer. And the wonderful thing about it is that loves comes back to you, inspiring you to love and give more. It’s a process that leads to the perfection of the human spirit.

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30 Responses to “The Best Things about Being In Love”

  1. geo Says:

    Love can make you do crazy stuff. Love help you become the best person on earth. It’s so nice to be in love. I’m so happy I am right now.


  2. Demi Says:

    I want to fall in love again. It’s been years since Ive got no boyfriend. Somebody else there?


  3. Poker Says:

    Love has no boundaries. No limits. It’s for all. That’s the best thing about love.


  4. Rhian Says:

    I’m so in love upon finishing to read this. Thanks for sharing! Just in time for the V day. I miss my boyfriend. 🙁


  5. Carl Says:

    Love is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to the world. Happy valentines day!


  6. Jenny Says:

    You complete me. These words I remember when my husband proposed to me before. I love it!


  7. City Lights Says:

    Love is about word sacrifice. You learn to think of others first before yourself. That’s the greatest thing about love.


  8. Hop Says:

    Love makes the world go round. Love is blind. It feels great to be in love!


  9. Ten Fifty Says:

    When you’re in love, you feel best for yourself and you’re inspired to do things. Because of love, life is beautiful. So I say, make love 🙂


  10. Anne Says:

    Love brings color to life. In my case, love is black! I’m falling for the wrong guys and I’m hating it! No more happy endings for me!


  11. Hearty Says:

    The best thing about love is that it transpires the world to make a better place to live in. Love has no boundaries. It’s for everybody.


  12. Bibeth Says:

    I hate to say this but I don’t believe in love! I’ve been dumped a couple of times and I don’t have plans of committing again! Men are such liars and full of shit!


  13. Swift Says:

    Love can’t be measured, but it can definitely be seen or felt. And it’s something that is unconditional. I love this post. It’s full of love!


  14. Patrick Says:

    I can feel bitterness from some posters here. Hey, love will a way for you. You just have to wait and more so, believe. Have faith that your right guy will come, who knows in no time!


  15. Mei Says:

    Time is meaningless when you’re in love. I love this post, it’s full of love. Can’t help but smile! 🙂


  16. Prince Says:

    The best thing about being in love is you’re inspired to do things right. You become more productive for you have someone who makes you happy. So what can I say? Be in love all the time! 🙂


  17. Vanessa Says:

    Cheesy post but I must admit, I was moved. Love will always find a way. Without love, our world is useless. We should spread the love and should start within ourselves.


  18. Paul Says:

    We find our other half thru love thereby making us complete. Love this entry. :p


  19. Rich Says:

    Love brings color to your life. In my case it’s rainbow! Full of colors. 🙂


  20. Cathy Says:

    Love, love love! I’m so in looveeeeeee! Love is the best thing that ever happened to my life. I hope everyone finds their love. 😉


  21. John Says:

    Love is all that matters. It brings life to our world.


  22. Patrick Says:

    The best post from this site ever! Love is the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. Let’s flood this thread with so much love!


  23. Paul Smith Says:

    Love is the greatest gift of all! That’s the best thing about love. It inspires people to do wonderful things!


  24. Rhianna Says:

    In love here. I don’t know how I’m feeling but it’s the best feeling to me to date for years. Thank God I’ve found my love.


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