The Human Race Depends On Bad Daters

Sat, Jun 26, 2010


If your dating life is a mess, then you very well be saving humanity. Everyone naturally desires secure and fulfilling relationships, but society depends upon having insecure daters who have the proclivity to mess up any blossoming new relationship. A recent paper published in Perspectives on Psychological Science indicates that evolution ensured that two classes of humans emerged — those who view the world through a trusting lens, and others who have built-in insecurity and tend to be skeptical and questioning of everything around them. The latter group was termed by the researchers to be of an “insecure attachment style”. Without this personality type present, the human race would become too trusting which could lead to disastrous consequences.

Society needs those who are skeptical, if not paranoid. This study further found that the two types gravitate towards each other. Secure daters often end up with insecure partners. The mixing of these two “types” ensures that the human race will perpetually contain both groups thus helping to ensure its survival. The researchers conducted an interesting experiment to illustrate their point. They analyzed the dating history of study participants, and they classified them as either “secure” daters or “insecure” daters. They then put both groups together in a room and started pumping small amounts of smoke into the room. Invariably, the “insecure” daters were the first to sound the alarm and insist everyone exited the room. The “secure” daters were far slower to react being trusting of their surroundings. Which type are you?

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