Trystana dating site sets up friends of friends on Facebook

Tue, Nov 9, 2010


Trystana is a social dating website that uses Facebook’s rich social graph data to help singles find their matches. You can find all the standard features offered by a professional dating website such as location based search, filtering by demographic and messaging within a simple attractive user interface and of course you access all these features at no cost. To appreciate the loyal members of the website, active members who use the service regularly are awarded with points and members with more points appear higher in the search results. Aside from all these features, Trystana also offers an innovative feature that allows you to meet other singles via a mutual friend. As a matter of fact, this is an authentic and credible way that many ancient nations worldwide have been using to match people. The major benefit that this method brings to the table is that it creates a strong chain of trust between the two individuals who are going to meet via their mutual friend. As a general social rule, it is well proven that trusting someone recommended by a friend is way easier than trusting a complete stranger.

The problem that trystana is trying to solve is that other dating websites lack such a referral system. Trystana is trying to create this chain of trust between two single people who are interested in dating each other. Trystana wants the very first spark and click between two singles to happen safely and strongly via a mutual friend. The mutual friend is the best person who can judge whether or not his or her two other friends can match.

Trystana allows you to browse Facebook singles who are friends of your friends. For each potential match, you can see all the mutual friends of you and your potential match. You can then ask one of your mutual friends to introduce you to your potential match by just a click. The rest of the match making process is taken care of by Trystana. Trystana’s simple and intuitive user interface, Facebook connectivity, award system and match making features create a unique user experience that sets it apart from other dating websites.

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