Unconventional Methods for Finding a Match

Mon, Jun 18, 2012


Online dating offers singles several significant advantages over traditional dating methods. Through online dating, a greater variety of potential partners is introduced, the awkwardness of introductions is eased and a person’s complete biography is often revealed through their profile. Sometimes, however, the online dating scene is too easy, leading singles to mindlessly click through profiles while overlooking someone who could potentially become their perfect match. For people who are looking to increase their odds of finding the right person, the following tips can be used to put an unconventional spin on the search for the perfect date.

Date Outside Your Range
When dating, many people have a certain type of person in mind that they believe they will be most likely to get along with in a relationship. Most people prefer someone who is in a similar age range, possesses the same religious faith, and lives nearby. If the average dater was to consider their past five dating partners, they would probably discover that they were all very similar. Overcoming the desire to date a certain type can often lead to a breakthrough in dating. The best dating sites offer a wide range of people with different characteristics and interests. Explore potential partners that are outside of your local area or age range, and you might discover that your differences can lead to fascinating conversations and that you have more in common with them than you might have originally believed was possible. You can instantly open up your possibilities for partners by opening up your mind to people outside of your typical type.

Explore Same Sex Matches
Most singles tend to focus on only the dating atmosphere of online dating sites. However, the best dating sites also offer the option of browsing profiles of members of the same sex. This option can broaden a person’s social circle by offering an opportunity to develop friendships with other people in your area who are also single and share the same interests. By making friends that you can also plan real life activities with, you will be able to expand your social network. The new friends you meet on the dating site might lead to meeting your perfect match, while also giving you someone that you can talk to about your dating adventures.

Amp Up the First Date
Once you have met a potential partner online, for the first date, it is the safest option to meet in a public place. Just because you’re being safe, however, does not mean that your date has to be boring. Avoid cliché dates such as coffee shops and movies, and instead choose an action-packed destination for your date. Couples who participate in new or challenging activities develop an instant bond while also enjoying opportunities for interaction and conversation. If you are both courageous, sky diving or kayaking can be a great way to knock out any first date jitters, while more timid types might enjoy horseback riding or hiking in the wilderness.

No matter which method you choose or what results you hope to have in your online dating experience, keeping a relaxed and open mind will lead to the greatest success. Visit the profiles of people that you might otherwise overlook, consider dating someone from a distant location and open up your search to developing new friendships as well. When you take this approach to online dating, you are sure to discover that new partners and adventures are just waiting to be found.

Author’s Bio: Drew Levis is a well known blogger for 100bestdatingsites.com and is free to write on a freelance basis on anything related to his field.

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