We’ve Come A Long Way

Fri, Aug 27, 2010


This clip dates back to just after World War 2, and it illustrates how far we’ve come when it comes to dating and relationships. This young man gets a good bit of dating advice — starting with the admonition he should avoid asking out girls who are conceited or easily distracted. These days, that would prove to be quite limiting. Advice comes from the unseen announcer, his slick older brother and his concerned mother. Times certainly were simpler, and his stress builds as he dials her up on the family’s rotary phone. Lucky for him the rapidity of texting had yet to be invented.

Imagine transporting one of these characters from a half century ago into today’s frenetic world along with current dating norms. The lesson depicts him being a bit too shy and getting a rejection, and more amusingly being aggressive in terms of the norms of the day and similarly getting rejected. What was classified as being cocky back then would almost quality as being timid today. When he finally strikes a balance between self-deprecation and a sense of confidence he finally is able to score a date — maybe there are lessons from this clip which are still applicable today. Times may change, but deep down girls still look for the same things.

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